Saturday, October 10, 2009

Epic Thrifting Day #2: Success!

Man. I had another totally epic thrifting day today! I think maybe it has to do with the awesome thrift stores I go to on Saturdays: Goodwill Outlet, Family Thrift, Love of Jesus, and Good Samaritan :) Today, I also checked out FanTastic Thrift, which was very cool!

I got a bunch of really awesome deals- and yes, I did find a Samsonite train case!!! It's a very handsome grey and black with a huge mirror inside and a zippered section. Yup, I am happy.

This is what I wore today:

My Thrifting Outfit: Button-up, Salvation Army; T, Wal Mart; Jeans, Goodwill; Tights, Dollar Tree; Shoes, Family Thrift

I'm so excited about all of my finds that I can't wait to post them over a couple days like last time, so here they are in all their glory:

From top left, clockwise: 1) My Samsonite Train Case!!; 2) Today's treasures; 3) A close-up: 2 vintage necklaces ($2 each, Family Thrift), a Tiffany-blue-colored scarf ($1, Fantastic Thrift), a cameo pin ($2, Family Thrift), a hummingbird pin ($0.50, Good Samaritan), a rhinestone pin ($0.50, Good Samaritan), a brown bangle ($0.45, Family Thrift), a sweater clip ($2, Family Thrift), 80s sunnies ($2, Family Thrift), 70s sunnies (in bright blue! $1, Fantastic Thrift), and a very cool vintage beaded purse ($1, Family Thrift); vintage cookie tins? ($0.50, Good Samaritan) 4) My new train case doing what I meant for it to: holding all my treasures and my makeup in our bathroom :)

The rest of my goodies:

My (real!) Vera Bradley Purse ($2, Goodwill Outlet); Little Pryex Cup ($0.45, Family Thrift); Subtle Moto Jacket ($3, Love of Jesus); Impulse Buy- Super Soft Leapard Print Vest ($7, Family Thrift)

More Pics from the day:

II Wore a Bow Today! (Inspired by Idee Geniale); Messing Around in Love of Jesus; Train Case Find #1: Denied.; The Huge Selection of Luggage at Good Samaritan (Where I found my train case for a mere $2.99!)

Whew. What a day, and what a post, right? Hope you all are having an excellent weekend (much like mine!) and see you tomorrow :)




  1. Oh my! That train case is gorgeous! What a great find! One thing about living in NY is that same case would've been $50 at a vintage store!arrgggg.
    Awesome bow too! You're rockin' it.

  2. Yeah, I was totally stoked to find the train case- I figured since I was specifically looking for it, I'd never find it!

    And super-thanks for the comment :)


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