Richmond Thrift Guide

Goodwill Outlet: (6301 Midlothian Tpke, Richmond)

My favorite, hands down. When you first go through the propped-open warehouse door, you see bins and bins. You would never know that there were treasures buried deep down if you just glanced over them. So, you must roll up your sleeves and dig! I go straight back to the purses/shoes and go through those first. This is where I've found many designer purses, stuffed down at the bottom. And the shoes here are in suprisingly good shape! The trick is staying away from too-aggressive shoppers, because they can get a little crazy.
The clothes bins are worth a look-through if you have the patience, but definitely check out the misc. bins. Almost everything in them is priced by the pound, and there are plenty of vintage and new goodies to be found if you just look!
Love of Jesus Thrift Store: (5503 Midlothian Tpke, Richmond)
This is my next stop on Saturday mornings. You never know what you will find at this thrift, but I have found a designer purse as well as a super-vintage Cosmo mag. They are also a good source for train cases and old suitcases. If you're in the market for vintage furniture, this is worth a look as well. My trick to finding great old jewelry and sunglasses? Don't miss the glass cases by the registers- the prices are pretty decent!
Family Thrift: (5432 Midlothian Tpke, Richmond)
Now this thrift can be really well-priced, or a little pricey, depending on what you're looking for. They have the best selection of vintage sunglasses and designer bags of any of Richmond's thrifts, although they are prices a bit higher (about $20-$40). They also have a room full of sale merchandise, where I've found Pyrex cups for 45 cents each and a Samsonite train case for $2. They have numerous markers and art supplies, and sports equipment galore in the sale section.

Good Samaritan Thrift Store: (4680 N Southside Plaza St, Richmond)
This is possibly the most random thrift in Richmond, and also one of my favorites. They have a fairly large kid's section, which also holds vintage games (this is where I got my 1970s Boggle!). I always find cool little vintage things in the arts/crafts section, and they have loads of baskets if that's your thing. Their furniture also usually seems to be good quality, and they will give you a discount if the item has been on the floor for awhile.
Hope you enjoyed my little tips and info, and if you're ever thrifting in the Richmond area, be sure to check these out!