Friday, November 26, 2010

Thrifted Remix: My Sweater Has Houses on It!

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great Thanksgiving break :) I'm in Florida hanging out with my family and friends, but I just wanted to pop in and do a quick thrifted remix post!

October 2010; March 2009; November 2010
You'd think a sweater with houses on it would be difficult to build an outfit around, but with simple accessories and shades of blue, I love it :)

You'll definitely be seeing more of this grandma sweater this season!


PS: I'll be back with regular posts on Wednesday :) Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seeing Spots

I'm pretty sure that leopard print shoes have been finding me...

Yup! This time it's a pair of sandals :)

Sandals, Goodwill Outlet ($2)
They seem pretty well-made and are really comfortable :) Man, I'm really starting to get a collection going!

So, Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! We leave to Florida bright and early tomorrow morning, and I just can't wait :)

I might pop in with a post or two, but I'm mostly taking the next few days off. (For the first time since the beginning of the blog!)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Treasure from the Goodwill Bin

I love it when I find wonderful vintage things stuffed in the corners of Goodwill Outlet bins :) It's especially nice when it's something you always keep an eye out for.

For me, that's non-metal jewlery, so I was really excited when I grabbed this handful of old necklaces!

Vintage Necklaces, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
Tons of little seed beads, huh? Lets hope that these don't break! (Have you ever had one of these necklace chains break? Total nightmare!)

Speaking of necklaces, I've 'winterized' my favorite shell necklace, and I like it even better now :) I strung it with a leather chord instead of the silk one it used to be on. Love it!

Have a great Tuesday :)


PS: Did you notice the new photo to the left for my tumblr page? Yup, that's Piper, my new Blythe doll! I got her on eBay for a steal, and I love her! (Trust me, this is a big deal for a girl who generally wasn't ever a doll person :)) Do any of you have a Blythe doll?

Monday, November 22, 2010

File This Under: It's About Time!

It's been a while- so long that I can't remember- since I thrifted a designer bag at Goodwill Outlet. This is due to a couple things. #1: GO has gotten extremely popular and busy; #2: Ladies will fight over the best bags.

And boy, do I mean fight! There's this one lady in particular who will bump her way to the front of the crowd as they put out new purses and shoes, and run over anyone in her way. You do not get in between this lady and that fake LV bag or those New Balance shoes, because you will get pushed aside!

It's quite comical to watch from the outside, but let's just say that I haven't been the triumphant one at Goodwill Outlet in a long while :) That is, until Saturday!

Dooney & Bourke Wristlet, Goodwill Outlet ($2)
For some reason, I ended up looking through the one cart that had a real designer item in the bottom! I picked it up and tossed it in my basket, and then I promptly got as far away from the purses and shoes as I could!

This little bag is the perfect size for holding my necklaces and hair clips when I travel, which is perfect since we're leaving on Thursday for Florida :) And I managed to get out of GO in one piece with it! I'd call that success :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Rockin' the Grandma Sweater

Remember last March, when I thrifted the Grandma sweater of my dreams? Well, I still love it!

I have to admit, though, it was trickier styling it with short hair and still looking my age :) But wearing a lacy skirt as a top and throwing on my thrifted Ray Bans brought the look down to 20-something!

Ray Bans, Goodwill in Pensacola; Lacy Skirt as Top, Target Clearance; Grandma Sweater, Goodwill Outlet; Capri's, Goodwill; Moccasins, Target; Necklace, Goodwill Outlet; Bag, Italy
It was in the mid-60s yesterday: the perfect weather for capri pants and a cardigan! I was so comfy in this :)

We leave for Florida on Thursday morning bright and early- I can't wait!!! Just three more days of work stand between me and a mini-vacation :)


PS: If you're looking for a great list of yard sale/thrifting blogs, check out this post :) (They included my blog!)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: A Cardigan + Stripes

I've been getting pretty good mileage out of my striped 3/4 sleeve sweater this fall. It's the perfect thickness for the 60-something days, and layered with a cardigan, it's super comfortable!

I wore this outfit this past Thursday morning to hit up the local Goodwill for some 'new' pants. (I was partially successful!)

1980s Ray Bans, eBay ($14); Striped Sweater, Goodwill; Jeans, Goodwill; Leather Flats, Goodwill Outlet; Leather Bag, Souvenir from Italy Trip 2006; Plane Necklace, DIY; Cardigan w/ Belt, Kohl's (Gift from mother-in-law. Thanks!)
I just cleaned out my closet and found this awesome leather bag that I bought in Italy when my family and I were there four years ago! I looked at hundreds of bags in Florence before deciding on this buttery leather one, and I'll keep it forever :)

I also found these red flats I got at Goodwill Outlet last year. They fit perfectly, and I like how the pop of red looks with the navy blue!

I have to work this morning, but I'll be hitting up my fave thrifts after. I have a couple more little Christmas presents to find before Thanksgiving break, so wish me luck!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Guy Finds Friday: Wine-ing

Hi everyone, and welcome to another Guy Finds Friday with Josh!

Sorry I've been MIA around here for awhile- I just hadn't found anything to show you guys. Of course, all that changed this past Saturday when I found something I've been searching for for months: a wine rack!

Wine Rack, Goodwill Outlet ($1)
Pretty cool, huh? The only drawback was that it was missing the dowels to put it together, so I had to get those at Lowe's. But for a couple bucks total, I finally have a wine rack! (And no wine to store in it right now. Oh well, it still looks cool.)

Until next time,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hanover County, 1970

Do you guys always see old rusty license plates at antique shops for $20 or $30? I know I do!

While I think they are totally awesome, I'd never pay that kind of money for an old rusty license plate :) However, for less than a dollar- sold!

1970 License Plate, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
Yup, this baby is definitely going on our apartment wall :)

On another note, I decided to close up the Another's Treasure etsy shop after about a year of selling. It was a fun hobby, but I just didn't have enough extra time to make it great. Maybe someday I'll have a whole little (real) shop of my own!

Have a great Thursday :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That's Love

I found a really cute iPod cover at Target this past week, but it was $25. Soooo out of my iPod accessories price range!

Then, at Goodwill Outlet on Saturday, there was the same one! Right in the bins!

Love iPod Case, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
So, for less than a buck, I snatched it :) It's super-cute and really durable (two things I look for!)

On another note, I'm sooo excited about Thanksgiving! I can't believe it's already next week :) I already have my Christmas gifts for friends/family to bring down there so we won't have to ship them. It's pretty funny trying to fit gifts and 5 days of clothes in a carry-on bag :)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Phone Home :)

I have a certain affinity for E.T. that I can only assume goes back to a toy I played with at my Grammy and Grandpa's house as a kid :) It had a head that you could click up and down and I loved it!

Naturally, when I saw this original E.T. stuffed animal at Goodwill Outlet, I had to grab him!

E.T., Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
I recently saw the movie for the first time (that I can remember) a couple months ago, and it's such a positive story. Plus, can you really beat a young Drew Barrymore as Gertie?

Speaking of Drew, the hubby and I recently rented Whip It, and it was really good! Of course, I am a pretty big Drew fan :)

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I just plain love Polaroid cameras! If only they still made the 600 film!!

But I still buy one every once in awhile, just because they are fun to look at :) Here's the first pink one I've seen, so of course I had to get it!

Polaroid Cool Cam, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
I remember when I was a kid using my dad's old Polaroid to take 'artsy' pictures of our backyard and such. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I was supposed to be using up his film! Sorry, Dad!

I bought my own Polaroid camera when I was a freshman in college, even though I could hardly ever afford to buy the film for it. Now, I wish I would've stockpiled it...

It's so exciting that there's finally a new Polaroid instant camera on the market! It's the main thing I want for Christmas :) That, and film for it!!

Have a great Monday, everyone :)

PS: In case you're interested (or looking for gift ideas yourself), you can see my full Christmas wish list on Another's Treasure Tumblr!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: A Little Bit French

Although I've combined this striped sweater with mustard yellow before, this time it was sort of French feeling to me. Maybe it's the combo of stripes, a long scarf, and short hair!

And it was neither too hot nor too cold yesterday, so this comfy sweater was just right :)

Striped Sweater, Goodwill; Scarf, Target; Jeans, Goodwill; Moccasins, Target; Bag, Love of Jesus; Vintage Sunglasses, Good Samaritan; Airplane Necklace, DIY
Probably my favorite part of this outfit is the airplane necklace that you can't really see! I recently purchased a length of leather cord at JoAnn's so that I can make my own necklaces! Fun, right?

I also highly recommend getting the suede mocs they have at Target right now- they are so comfy and under $20 :)

Oh, and the hubby and I found some great things at Goodwill Outlet yesterday! I'll have those and the rest of Thursday's finds this week!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thrifted Favorites: Butter Yellow and Leopard Print!

Since about a year ago, I've been searching for the perfect vintage flight bag. I found a tan one and a blue one back then, but I really wanted a buttery yellow version!

My fruitful thrifting on Thursday produced just the ticket, as well as another thing I've had on my list: leopard print flats!

Vintage Travel Bag, Goodwill Outlet ($2); Leopard Print Flats, Love of Jesus ($3)
I am so in love with these flats, too! They remind me of these Stubbs and Wootton ones that are beautiful but pricey :)

The hubby and I are headed back to the thrifts today, in hopes of finding the last few Christmas gifts to bring to Florida and a 'guy find' for next Friday's post! (He hasn't had much thrifting luck lately, I'm afraid!)


Friday, November 12, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Mad Plaid

I had a great day off yesterday, thrifting and cleaning and packing for Thanksgiving break! I can't believe it's so close!

Here's what I wore to the thrifts:

Plaid Shirt, Target; Lacoste Sweater, Goodwill Outlet; Jeans, Goodwill; Moccasins, Target; Purse, Love of Jesus; Bead Necklace, Goodwill Outlet
Such a super-comfy outfit for thrifting and for the perfect weather :)
And, I found some great things thrifting too! It seems that Thursdays are less crowded and crazy than Saturdays after all :)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello, Kitty

I dug through some more old photos on my camera, and I found this little guy I got at Goodwill Outlet a couple months ago:

Lillian Vernon Kitty Pillow, Goodwill Outlet
I am quite scared of cats, to be honest! Something about their really sharp claws...

But this guy is completely harmless, so he's okay with me! I just have a soft spot for unique pillows :)

Anyway...I am off work today and I'm heading to the thrift stores!!! Here's to hoping Thursdays at Goodwill Outlet are less chaotic than Saturdays :) One can only hope!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cubs

I have to admit, I dug deep down into my archives of photos to find something to show you all today! I have just not had much luck at the thrifts in weeks!

I had almost forgotten about a little 50 cent gem I picked up at an estate sale in August:

Vintage Cubs Scouts Sterling Ring, Estate Sale (50 cents)
I was excited to find this because my little brother was in cub scouts (he actually is an Eagle Scout, the highest Boy Scout achievement, and so is the hubby!). 

For only 50 cents, this sterling cutie was mine!! I love finding things like these at estate sales. I wonder how many years the owner had it?

Have a great Wednesday! I have off work tomorrow, and you know what that means!!! Thrift time :)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: A Biker Jacket and Sunshine

Sunday was super sunny and beautiful :) If the hubby would've been off work, we might've gone on a picnic! Instead, I decided to spend part of the day looking around West End Antiques for Christmas presents (and was partially successful).

So really, this was my antiquing outfit:

Biker Jacket, F21; Floral Rayon Shirt, Goodwill; Jeans, Goodwill; Leather Backpack, Love of Jesus; Moccasins, Target; Scarf, Target; Ray Bans, Goodwill in Pensacola
I just love my new jacket from Forever 21! It was only about twenty bucks, and I've been looking for a jacket like this for a long time. The funny thing is that I had to wait in line at F21 for about 40 minutes for it, because it was so busy!

I picked up a couple presents there, too, but maybe next time I'll just shop online :) Have you all started Christmas shopping yet? If you haven't already, check out the Another's Treasure Tumblr page for etsy gift ideas!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Leather + Exposed Zippers

While I came home mostly empty-handed from the thrifts on Saturday, the one find I had was pretty major!

Apparently, a stylish lady had just donated her purse collection to Love of Jesus Thrift right before I got there! There were some vintage Coach purses,  a Matt & Nat purse, and some Vera Bradley, but this beauty stood out:

Leather Backpack, Love of Jesus ($5)
It's such a well-made bag, with thick, quality leather and a tough vibe. The best part is that it's just the right size to carry as an everyday bag- not huge, but large enough to fit pretty much anything you might need.

I can't seem to find a brand anywhere on it though! Have you seen one similar?


Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Prepster

Yesterday, I felt a bit like a prep school student. I think it was the plaid wool sweater that I thrifted a couple months back before it cooled down enough to wear it!

Ray Bans, Goodwill in Pensacola; Shirt, Goodwill; Sweater, Goodwill; Jeans, Goodwill; Moccasins, Target; Vintage Dooney & Bourke Purse, Goodwill; Necklace, Busch Gardens
 Also, I think this is my new favorite shirt! It has great details that you can't see here- a beaded neckline, a bow, and ruched short sleeves. I'm sure it'll get tons of wear in the spring and summer :)

I didn't find a lot yesterday, but I did get a really, really great black leather backpack for five bucks!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Taming Faux Fur

Taming Faux Fur
Taming Faux Fur by AmandaBas featuring rubber boots

My best shot at styling my new faux fur jacket. (The one featured is the closest I could find to mine!)

What I'm Wanting: Military Green

I've been eyeing the old Swiss bags on etsy for months now, trying to decide what to get! The army green color is just right mixed with caramel leather and a cross-body shape. They are just so cool!

Here's the one that I'm 99% sure I'm going to buy, since it also features a cool bird print:

Vintage Birdy Military Bag by Meatbagz on etsy
 I think I'm in love! I might actually just get it now before it sells...hmmmm...

But definitely check out the Meatbagz etsy shop for more of these awesome bags at pretty great prices :)

Well, I'm off to my fave thrifts! Hopefully I'll have better luck thrifting this week, and I won't have to give you another etsy-overload next week :) Other things I'm searching for? A hooded jacket, vintage hair clips, and Christmas presents!


PS: I just got this crazy-big faux fur jacket and I have no idea how to style it! Suggestions please?!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Web Round-Up

I'm giving the hubby the day off from Guy Finds Friday so that I can share some fun things I've found/ been up to online this past week :)

  • First off, if you haven't already, check out the brand-new Another's Treasure Tumblr! I've been throwing random things up there the past couple days, including some unusual Christmas gift ideas :)
  • I've been loving the blog Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, featuring a really cool 20-something gal living in LA. She has great style!
  • How cool and holiday-chic are the velvet flats shown below from purevintageclothing on etsy? Love them!
  • Looking for a designer gift on the (sort-of) cheap? How about this cute Burberry bulldog coin holder!
  • I've been searching for a cute dark green bag just $10.48, this Target spruce-colored bag might be it :)
  • Speaking of Target, I got the most comfy moccasin slippers there the other day and I've been wearing them to work! (You can't really tell they're slippers 'cause they have real bottoms and they're suede!)
  • Finally, if you haven't checked out my awesome blogger of the month Myriam's blog Myriad of Mischief, head there now :)
Have a great Friday, and here's to hoping I have better thrifting luck this weekend!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010


As you may know by now (as I seem to mention it quite a lot here), I can't wear metal jewelry except for high-quality gold. With earrings, I can't even wear that!

I decided to just try some vintage clip-ons, though, since they were pretty and just three bucks at Midlothian Antiques:

Vintage Clip-On Earrings, Midlothian Antiques ($3)
Of course, I wasn't able to wear them. :( It really makes it hard to find pretty jewelry when you can't wear metal!

If you'd like these sparklers, just let me know :) I'll send them your way, as they deserve a good home!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm pretty good at finding weird things, as evidenced by my animal bag, my ET keychain, my Datsun shifter...

I swear, though, unusual items find me! At Goodwill Outlet this past Saturday, I left pretty empty-handed except for these:

Plastic Busts; Unusual Rock; Both: Goodwill Outlet
The busts, originally huge and important, were shrunk down to pocket-sized Goodwill treasures! Fun, and kind of irreverent.

And don't worry, I only paid about ten cents for the rock :)

Have a great day!


PS: I just made a tumblr page for Another's Treasure to serve as an inspiration board and online finds resource! Check it out :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Hippie Halloween :)

I was originally going to be a cowgirl for Halloween, but I ended up being a hippie! I think my father-in-law said it best:

"You just look like you! You were born in the wrong decade!"

Ha ha, very funny :) I know I do lean toward hippie outfits every once in awhile, though!

Hippie Wig with Headband, Wal Mart ($8); Peace Glasses, Halloween Store ($2)
The funny thing is that the wig I got looks a lot like my hair used to when it was longer! It's such a big difference from my super-short hair!

Vintage Tee, Goodwill; Bell Bottoms, Goodwill; Vest, Halloween Store; Peace Necklace, Halloween Store; Mocs, Target; Pin, Good Samaritan; Purse, Goodwill Outlet
I was able to use some things I already had (the bell-bottoms, the purse, the shirt, and the pin) and add Halloween store and Wal Mart finds for a costume on the cheap!

Unfortunately, shortly after these photos were taken, I started feeling sick :( I think I may be coming down with something, so I'm trying to fight it off with lots of sleep, soup, tea, and water. Being sick is never fun!


PS: The hubby was 'Joe Dirt' :)
PPS: If you haven't already, check out Myriam's Thrifty Blogger of the Month post! I just loved her answers :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thrifty Blogger of the Month: Myriam of Myriad of Mischief!

I am so excited to announce this month's Thrifty Blogger: Myriam of Myriad of Mischief! She has excellent style- effortlessly mixing thrifted, vintage, and crafted items into fun and unique outfits :)

I just love Myriam's blog and think you will too!

Read on for Myriam's thrifting adventures and spot-on tips (you'll be glad you did!):


Another's Treasure: When did you first start thrift shopping, and why did you begin?

Myriad of Mischief: I've been a thrift shopper for quite some time now! Seriously. I know I've been at it at least since the second grade, when Savers opened their first store in my hometown. The "why" aspect is a bit harder to answer, I bet my parents were just intrigued by the grand opening banner and decided to take a look. Being part of a close-knit Latino family, of course that meant that I was also along for the ride!

I was never grossed out by the idea of used clothes and would often pick out my own outfits. It became a family outing of sorts! I also remember waking up early on Saturdays to scour garage sales and flea markets and rummage sales with my dad. I'm surprised that I didn't become a hoarder...

I didn't consciously start scouring for vintage until my freshman year of high school. Before I would wear whatever grabbed my fancy without paying attention to tags or fashion or anything like that. I also became involved in theatrical productions, focusing on costume and make up. That required a lot of research in the history of fashion.

High school was also around the time that I happened upon the concept of fashion blogging, though I didn't have an account, I just read them. All of those influences merely fueled my creativity.

Now a sophomore in college, I tend to do my thrift shopping solo since I no longer have to rely on mom and dad for transportation or money. A bit of a loner, I seek solace within the aisles of used clothes. If I'm bored, I'll hit up my favorite thrift haunts. Thrift shopping has become second nature for me; I really can't picture myself stopping anytime soon.
Myriam's outfit is completely thrifted, except flats from H&M in Spain; Photo Courtesy of Myriad of Mischief
AT: What do you consider your best thrifted find ever?

MofM: EEEP! This is a toughie, I acquire new favorites all of the time! If it comes down to longevity, I would have to say my best thrifted find is this 70s royal blue ribbed cardigan with a cream crochet tree design insert. I've had that baby since my freshman year of high school!

AT: What would be the ultimate coolest thing to see for a dollar at a thrift store?

MofM: Honestly, anything that's on my mental thrift wish list...that fits...and is in tip top condition! That being said, shoes! I wear a size 9, 10 if it's vintage. It's really difficult to find cute shoes in my size.

AT: Do you have any tips on finding great things while thrifting?
1. Go often. I think that's key. Many places put out new things everyday and once it's gone, it's gone.
2. Go in with a mission. Things can quickly become overwhelming if you don't have anything specific that you're looking for. You'll come across other gems as you're scouring about.
3. Don't be afraid to explore new venues. I'm finding that big thrift chains are starting to mark up their prices and are often picked over.
4. Try things on! Sizing can get wonky at times and some things look much different once they're on and no longer on a hanger.
5. Get inspiration from street style websites and fashion blogs; a trip to the library will school you in the history of fashion.
6. RUMMAGE! You can't expect things to jump out at you. You must dig and put forth some effort and time.

"Really, it all comes down to the hunt. And what a fine hunt, indeed!" -Myriam; Myriad of Mischief

Thank you, Myriam, for sharing your thrifting backstory and excellent advice!
Everyone, be sure to check out Myriad of Mischief and Myriam's etsy shop!