Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Ten :)

Thanks again, Megan of Transmission Me for the Happy 101 Award! It's pretty exciting for me, since this is my first blog award :)

Pretty much the concept is to share 10 things that you love and make you happy, so here goes, in no particular order:

1. My family. They have always supported me in whatever I do, and I love them so much :) My parents, brother, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. are simply the best a girl could ask for! Thanks, guys!

2. The hubby. I talk about my wonderful hubby (Josh) a lot on this blog, because he's a huge part of my life! I have loved him since I was 13, and I couldn't imagine life without him!

3. Playing guitar/singing. I learned how to play the acoustic guitar very young, since my dad played and I had him teach me. I played and sang in the youth praise band at my church when I was in middle and high school, and I absolutely loved it! I still write songs and play every once in awhile. The photo is from senior year of high school. I played one of my songs at our final chorus concert!

4. Reading. I've loved reading for as long as I can remember. From piles of Babysitter's Club books to magazines to novels to blogs, I am always going to be reading something!

(Right now I am reading this thrifted copy of Just As Long As We're Together by Judy Blume, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll.)

5. Writing. The only thing I've loved as long as reading is writing. I used to carry around a composition book when I was 11 with my short stories and work on them all the time. My favorite? "My Unlucky Gym Socks" about socks that make everything in the young character's life go wrong! I also wrote "Candy School" about a school made entirely of candy, with gummy bear teachers and caramel pools. Not a bad idea, actually! And, of course, I got my college degree in journalism.

6. Going new places. Growing up, our family
always took the best vacations. My dad earned frequent flier miles through work, and it gave us the opportunity to go everywhere from Alaska to Hawaii to Europe. So amazing! My favorite place? Munich, Germany!

The photo is one that I took while we were there, with a crappy 2 megapixel digital camera! But the old buildings were so beautiful that it looked great anyway :)

7. God. I grew up going to church and a private Christian school. While I am still growing as a Christian (and always will be) God remains a huge part of my life. I love nothing more than rocking out to a great contemporary Christian band and listening to an insightful but not super-long sermon on a Saturday night or Sunday morning.

8. Old things, and finding them.  I thought it would be kind of obvious to put thrifting here, but my favorite thing about thrifting is the thrill of finding old things. I love things with a history! Just imagining what sort of place this item came from and who the past owner could've been is so interesting. There's something so alive about old things compared to new ones.

Pictured is my favorite old Viewmaster and reels that I couldn't believe I found at Goodwill Outlet! These babies were less than a dollar :) It's just amazing to me that I found these discarded in a bin!

9. Polaroids. I've been pretty obsessed with Polaroids since my freshman year of college. I bought a new Polaroid camera back then, and sparingly used photos as they cost so much! Now that they don't make them anymore, they cost even more. But whenever I find some for cheap, I buy the film 'cause it's so neat. I love the old-timey affect of the expired photos, especially.

Pictured are Polaroids I took over Christmas break with thrifted film.

10. Friends, old and new. I have a couple friends back in Florida that I've known forever, some that I got close with in high school and college, and a few I've made in the past year. I'm not the most social person of all time, but I am super thankful for the great friends that I do have! They are absolutely the best :) Even some of you that I've "met" through blogging mean a lot to me! I really appreciate everyone's support in being able to utilize my creativeness and share it with you :)

I'm passing this award to:

Alya of Kookulai

Thanks again for the award! And thanks for reading through such a super-huge post :) More thrifty-ness tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flowers and Birds

Have you ever heard the saying that something's "for the birds"? I never really understood it! Being a 21st-century gal, I Googled it, and I found it's origin: According to this Web site, the saying came from birds pecking at horse droppings looking for seeds. That's why "for the birds" means meaningless or worthless!

Random, but I just thought I'd share this little tidbit as an intro to my finds from Saturday. I did find floral things, and I did find birds, and I quite like both! One aspect of thrifting/ estate sale-ing that really is for the birds? Crazy people that elbow their way into you so that they can get to the good stuff first! Crazy people :)

Replacement Floral Straw Bag, Estate Sale ($2); Clock, Goodwill (<$1); Floral Wallet, Estate Sale ($2); Wooden Birds, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)

While I may not be a skirt/dress person, I have decided that I am pretty girlie with my accessories! I seem to be quite in love with florals right now, especially.

Funny story about the first floral straw purse I showed you: I tried to clean out the very dirty inside by washing it on the delicate setting in the washer. Um, not my brightest moment. Not only did it not clean it at all, it unraveled most of the straw and destroyed the poor purse! Woops. Awesome that I found an almost identical one at the estate sale I went to Saturday :)

Have a great Tuesday!


PS: I was tagged by my new blog friend Megan from Transmission Me for the Happy 101 Award :) Thanks, Megan- I'll be posting my answers tomorrow! And check out her blog- she has great thrifty style!

Monday, March 29, 2010

An Adventure in Fredericksburg!

I am skipping Saturday's finds, just for today, so that I can tell you about yesterday. 'Cause honestly, yesterday was more exciting!

First, what I wore, and the new blooms on the tree outside of our apartment:

Sunglasses, Love of Jesus; Striped Shirt, Goodwill; Big Mustard, Good Samaritan; Necklace, Good Samaritan; Jeans, Goodwill; Buckle Wedges, Love of Jesus; Stone Mountain Bag, Goodwill Outlet

A recap of the day:

I decided to check out an estate sale on my way into Fredericksburg, and I found a couple of neat little things there, including a lion bank for a dollar :) Then, I met up with Lindsey and we walked around downtown Fredericksburg and got sandwiches for lunch.

We didn't go to the thrift shop that we were planning on meeting at, since it is now apparently closed on Sundays, but we did check out some antique shops. ,They weren't too promising, though. Just a bunch of fancy, expensive stuff that you feel like you shouldn't even touch! But it was great just walking around and catching up :)

We did end up going to a Goodwill on the way out of town, where Lindsey found some great new Target dishes and I got the hubby a funny present, some little things, and a picnic basket.

It was a great day, and it was so much fun to catch up with an old friend!

Here are some of my finds:

Picnic Basket, Goodwill ($4); Tiny Owl Pillow, Goodwill ($0.50); Watermelon Coasters, Goodwill ($0.50); Estate Sale Finds, ($4- and yes, the metal bucket is for the hubby!)

Whew! This is the longest post I've done in awhile, but it was such a fun and relaxing day that I had to share :) I hope you all have a great start to your week!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Surprise, Surprise

So you know how I said I was going to wear a skirt yesterday? Well, it was cold! And, on top of that, I decided maybe I'm just not meant to be a skirt/dress person. I'm just way more comfortable in jeans!

Sunglasses, Estate Sale; Shirt, Goodwill Outlet; Sweater, etsy; Jeans, Goodwill Outlet; Stone Mountain Bag, Goodwill Outlet; Loafers, Family Thrift

Anyway, I started out yesterday at a pretty awesome estate sale, where I found some Ferragamo wedges in my size! And the perfect oxford flat...yes, flat. I dug around everywhere and couldn't find the other one! So, that kind of stunk. Then I made the rounds of my usual thrifts and didn't find overalls, but I did find some other treasures, which I'll be showing you this week!

I'm off to see my good pal Lindsey from college today :) We'll be checking out a thrift store in Fredericksburg, so I'll let you know how it goes!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I'm Wanting: Vintage Overalls!

I was talking to my sister-in-law (hi Ashley!) this past weekend, and we both are on the lookout for some overalls! I just plain love how comfy and wonderful they are, and broken-in vintage ones would be perfect :)

Here are some I've been eyeing on etsy:

Vintage Overalls, from This etsy Listing

Other things on my thrift list? A woven straw purse (the one I got last weekend, it turns out, is not clean-able), wedges, cute short sleeve shirts, and sandals. Boy, am I glad it's the weekend!

What are you searching for?


PS: I'm wearing a skirt today! Outfit pic tomorrow :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

LA Rock

When I went into my local Goodwill after work last night, I never would've guessed I'd find a piece of my youth there: battery-operated AM/FM radio headphones! From 1996!

I remember bits and pieces of 1996. I was ten, one of my friends went to the Atlanta Olympics, and I'm pretty sure I had a pair of headphones with a built-in radio just like these:

Headphones Radio, Goodwill ($3)

The awesome thing? They were in their original packaging, and they work! You can bet I'll be rocking out with these as I clean my apartment this weekend :)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Apartment Tour :)

I felt like doing a little spring cleaning/ reorganizing last night, so I took some pictures of little spots around our apartment! (I didn't clean everything, so I zoomed in on the neater parts...) :)

My favorite part? The fancy vintage purse wall, which is on my side on the bedroom. The funny thing is that the hubby likes it! (Although he probably says that so he can keep his manly pipe collection on his side!)

I realize that I have a very quirky, vintage taste in things. But what can I say? There's pretty much nothing cooler than old Polaroid cameras, James Bond books, jewelry boxes, shiny purses, and globe pillows! At least to me :)

What do you like to have in your place?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vintage Vera

I first heard about Vera scarves when I started reading vintage blogs. I never really thought much about them, though, until I found two of them at a local antique mall booth! I love the prints, and they are perfectly lightweight for spring :)

I am thinking about putting one of them in the etsy shop, but this one is definitely mine!

Vintage Vera Scarf, Heritage Antiques

I also found some really great pins and the coolest vintage keychain at an antique mall this past weekend. I always seem to forget what neat things you can find when you really look- and for good prices, too!

On another note, we're already halfway through the week! And I can't wait for the weekend- I'm going to Fredericksburg to meet up with a college buddy of mine :) We're going to check out a neat-sounding thrift store, which makes it even more fun!

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Pretty Quilt for Cheap!

When I'm looking around at antique stores, it seems like I always see handmade quilts. I love them, since they remind me of my late great-grandma who made each of us grandkids a quilt when we were kids. However, the ones at the antique stores are usually about $100!

Of course, when I saw this perfect quilt at Good Samaritan on Saturday for $4.99, I had to get it :)

With all the great old squares of material and it's medium weight, it's just the perfect quilt! I couldn't believe it was less than $5 :)

Have you ever thrifted something that reminded you of a loved one?


Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Flowers

Although this past weekend's thrifting wasn't amazing, I was glad to get a really pretty summer purse. After I clean the lining, it will be ready for my summer vacation in Florida :)

Summer Purse, Good Samaritan ($2)

It's amazing to me that last month, there was still snow on the ground, and now it's pushing 80 degrees outside! It's starting to feel like summer already :) Now, if the next couple months could go by fast so I can be chilling out in the Florida sun with my family and friends!

What are you looking forward to about summer?

Have a great Monday!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Short Sleeves and Sunshine!

You can imagine how excited I was yesterday morning to wake up to sunshine and warmth! I find it so much easier to get dressed when I don't have to worry about being freezing all day :) This must be the Florida girl in me.

So, I dug in the depths of my closet for some warm-weather clothes and found this old short-sleeve sweater. I'm pretty sure I got it at Target about 3 or 4 years ago on clearance, but it worked perfectly with my newly-thrifted soft maroon Tshirt and thrifted yellow polka dot scarf!

Estate Sale Sunglasses; Thrifted Converse T; Target Sweater; Thrifted Scarf; Thrifted Jeans; Thrifted Lace-Up Sandals; Thrifted 80s Carpetbag Purse

I had okay luck thrifting. Nothing too exciting, but I did find a straw/ embroidered purse that will be great once I clean the lining. Oh, and I got a handmade quilt that reminds me of my late great-grandma for $4.99! So, that was pretty cool.

We stopped by Midlothian Antiques on the way out to the in-laws, and I found some little things there. What I wish I could've gotten? The vintage bike of my dreams! It was blue, with a sparkly blue seat. I took a picture, but I don't think it does it justice.

What have you found that you had to leave behind?


Saturday, March 20, 2010

What I'm Wanting: Wedges and Short Sleeves!

After the really long winter, I am so glad for warmer weather! It's finally time to break out the sandals and short-sleeve shirts :) So naturally, while I am thrifting today, I'll be on the lookout for both.

Against my usual flats-only nature, I am longing for some summery wedges. I feel like I'll be able to walk in them better than heels, and they'll add a little height to my 5'3" frame!

Wedge Sandals, From This Etsy Listing

Also on my list? Some great flat espadrilles! I've been looking at some on etsy, but hopefully I can find some for less than $25 :)

Wish me luck! More on my finds and my thrifting outfit tomorrow :) Have a great weekend, everyone!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Weeknight Goodwill Finds!

I've had a love-hate relationship with my local Goodwill. While I always love to see what they have, sometimes it's so picked over that there is nothing good left at all!

Yet, I still go back because of those times when I find a Dooney and Bourke bag or the perfect shoes. And this week was definitely a good week :)

Here are my finds:

1980s Beach Bag ($2); Target Leopard Flats ($4); 1990s Jean Jacket ($4): all Goodwill

I have always wanted to have more leopard print in my life, but I think I was a bit too scared of it! On great flats, it's the perfect touch of pattern without being too much. I will get plenty of use out of the beach bag when we go to Florida this summer :) It's made out of this rubbery material that's going to be perfect for wet, sandy beaches! And I hope to get a little wear out of the super-soft jean jacket before it gets too warm. (It's supposed to be in the upper 70s this weekend!)

Have a great one!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Fondue?

Ah, there were so many different funny (and slightly, um, naughty) titles I could use for this post! Fondue just begs for a funny title :)

Anyway, what's the reason a non-chef like me is doing a post about fondue? Number one, I love it! Number two, I found an awesome fondue cookbook from 1968 at Goodwill Outlet on Saturday :)

Even the cover is retro and pretty cool on it's own! I was so happy when I found this for 50 cents, and the hubby was excited too, since he's the chef in our little family :)

I thought I'd share the recipe for what sounds like a yummy and fairly easy fondue:


4 oz. grated Gruyere or Cheshire cheese, fresh
6 eggs
1 garlic clove
2 oz. butter
Salt, paprika, cheyenne, parsley to taste

Rub the bottom and sides of a chafing dish with a peeled Garlic Clove. Beat the eggs well and heat on a low flame. Add the butter and cheese. Stir constantly until the cheese has melted and the mixture is thick and smooth. Add the seasonings and blend in well. Sprinkle a chopped parsley sprig on the top for color.

From: The Fondue Cookbook by Ed Callahan

I hope you all have a great Thursday! Enjoy some yummy fondue for me!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pirate Ship + Jewelry Box = Perfection!

I have a small collection of vintage jewelry boxes, all with very pretty velvet and satin lining and interesting designs printed inside. While I love them, it seemed like something was missing in my little collection. Something girlie with a tomboy edge, kind of like me :)

You can imagine how excited I was when I found this in the Goodwill Outlet bins:

A perfect little box, great for holding my hair accessories in style! Something about a gold pirate ship on a jewelry box makes me so happy :)

Hope your Wednesday's great!


PS: The hubby is feeling much better :)
PPS: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Finally Found the Perfect Oxfords...Well, Sort Of!

When I first spotted these oxfords, I couldn't believe it! I was at Love of Jesus on Saturday, and there they were- black and white and wingtip and perfect! My size, too. Except, well, in their former life, they were golf shoes!

They had "soft spikes" on the bottom that were removable, so no biggie. Until I got home, and the last couple refused to come off! So, I have to wait until I have the patience to get those last spikes off to wear them, but I figured I could as least show you all :)

Wingtip Oxfords, Love of Jesus ($3)

I can just imagine how cool these will look with my spring outfits and how they'll spiff up my jeans-and-a-T combos! I like to think that I've gotten a little better at making my outfits more interesting, and ready access to awesome clothes and shoes at thrift stores has helped so much :)

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! I can't wait till the weekend, since that means more thrifting and seeing Alice and Wonderland. (We were going to go yesterday, but my poor hubby has what we think is food poisoning, poor thing!)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Chambray, Florals, and Plaid

I was so happy when I spotted the perfect chambray shirt in the men's section of Love of Jesus on Saturday! It's perfectly worn-in, with little white paint feels like it was someone's favorite shirt, and now it might be my favorite!

As per usual, I couldn't wait to put an outfit together with my new finds, so here's what I wore yesterday to a couple antique malls:

Chambray Shirt, Love of Jesus; Navy Tank Top, AE; Floral Shirt, Goodwill Outlet; Capris, Goodwill Outlet; Plaid Flats, Goodwill Outlet; 80s Carpetbag Purse, Goodwill Outlet

Why was this picture taken in the very muddy field behind my apartments, and not right by the parking lot as per usual? Funny you should ask! There is a family that lives beneath us, and the parents are very nosy. They always keep their blinds open and just stare out the window and gossip about the neighbors. Needless to say, that makes it uncomfortable to take pictures where they can see you!

Anyway, here are some close-ups of the new items that I took when the sun was out on Saturday. (The gloomy weather just didn't do justice to this perfect chambray shirt!)

I get off work early today since I worked Saturday, so the hubby and I are going to see Alice in Wonderland!! I'm too excited :) Hope your Monday is great!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Go Dolphins!

When I was a kid, I used to collect football cards. I think it started because my little brother had his binder full of Cowboys and Bucs cards, and I wanted my own. For some reason I can't remember, I chose to collect 49ers and Dolphins cards. We're talking Steve Young and Dan Marino! I was so excited when I had my own binder full.

Fast forward about 13 or 14 years, and I still have a soft spot for those teams. That's why I chose a soft old Dolphins shirt as part of my vintage Tshirt collection :)

Forever 21 Sunglasses, Antique Store Paper Necklace, eBay Dolphins T, Thrifted Target Cropped Jacket, Thrifted Jeans, etsy Sam and Libby Bow Flats, Estate Sale Chambray Capezio Bag

Although it was overcast all morning while I was working, during the afternoon it cleared up! And it was so warm :) There's no greater feeling than not having to wear a coat after a long winter.

I hope everyone's Sunday is wonderful :)


PS: I did find some great things yesterday, including most of my 'want' list! I'll be showing you all shortly :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Books Are Big Fun

I've always been an avid reader. I was the kid with every single Babysitter's Club book- the kid who loved "quiet reading time" at school. The Hobbit was my favorite book at age 12, which is when my dad introduced me to it. Before I ever considered myself a 'writer' or went to journalism school, I was a reader. So of course I was drawn to this awesome button at Good Samaritan last weekend!

Button, Good Samaritan (50 cents)

I'm pretty sure I'll be sporting this on my cardigans all spring :)

In other news, one of my windshield wiper holders decided to break...just in time for it to rain all weekend! Yuck! The hubby is pretty sure he can fix it, but since he works all weekend, I'll be sporting a very odd wiper until Monday. (It goes up like normal, but then kind of slams down awkwardly!)

Here's to hoping that by the time I get off work today, it stops raining so I can safely go thrifting :)

On my thrift list: a chambray shirt, oxford flats, vintage keychains, and a striped shirt. Wish me luck!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Furbs the Furby!

This past week I've had the pleasure of playing with a 1998 Furby that I got at Goodwill Outlet on Saturday. Let's just say the hubby's not a fan!

I had a Furby back in the day and my old Furby was much more obnoxious then Furbs (yes, I did name my new Furby!). I remember being woken up by my childhood Furby, which lived in the closet, in the middle of the night. This led to the batteries being taken out and one sad little non-working Furby.

Anyway, meet Furbs:

See how she's asleep? She actually stays asleep until you throw her up in the air...that's when she'll wake up and is very talkative! (This is the part the hubby doesn't like.) I think it's quite hilarious. I couldn't risk waking her up for a picture, however, hence the sleepy Furby shot :)

Now that I'm sure all of you think I'm nuts, I think I'll leave it at that! I hope you all have a great Friday!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Obsession: Vintage Keychains

A month or two ago, I found an old binoculars keychain for $1 at Midlothian Antiques and didn't think much about it. But once I found and restored my 80s Chambray Capezio bag, I was searching all over for it! Something about a light denim bag just begs for some cool old keychains.

This past weekend, I found another great keychain to add: a wooden old sailor man named Skipper. He was a mere 25 cents at the new antique store we went to!

Of course, now I want a couple more quirky keychains! I've been searching on etsy, and there are a couple contenders. I'm kind of hoping I can find some this weekend at the thrifts, though!

I'm thinking the Goodwill Outlet bins will be perfect for this search. Here's to hoping the crazies won't be there this Saturday!
Have a great Thursday :)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Curious Little Box

The hubby and I went to a rather interesting estate sale this past Sunday. It was in this old, slightly rundown house with lots of cool old things. And since it was the last day of the sale, everything was 75 percent off! I dug around some boxes marked '50 cents' and found some neat little treasures.

My favorite is this curious little box. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I love it! I'm guessing either an old makeup case or maybe a pill box?

Whatever it is, for 75 percent off of 50 cents, it was mine! I also got a faux fur collar for next winter, a cool metal box for the hubby, a deck of old cards, and some other little things for a total of $2! Gotta love estate sales :)

If anyone has any idea what my little box was, let me know! And have a great Wednesday :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thrifted Remix: Plaid Flannel Shirt

I've always been the kind of person who has one or two favorite pieces of clothing and re-wears them many ways. So I decided to add a new feature to the blog: Thrifted Remix. Kind of like fashion bloggers' wardrobe remixes, only just with thrifted items.

The first item I'm going to feature is my red flannel shirt I thrifted in North Carolina over Christmas break. The Salvation Army I found it in was less than stellar, but I grabbed this shirt off the $1 rack and headed to the register and handed over my $1.05. The cashier was a strange middle-aged man who wanted to have this long conversation with me. I felt bad, but we were going to a bunch of other places and I just kind of sneaked out while he was still talking!

This first outfit is what I wore pre-Grandma sweater this past Saturday:

Vintage Colorado T, eBay; Plaid Flannel Shirt, Salvation Army in NC; Fox Sweater, etsy; Lee Jeans, Goodwill; Loafers, Family Thrift; Belt, Goodwill Outlet; Chambray Bag, Estate Sale; Violin Pin, Good Samaritan? (Don't Remember!)

From last weekend on the left, from a couple months ago on the right:

Left: Old Navy Peacoat, Goodwill; Plaid Flannel Shirt, S.A. in NC; Lee Jeans, Goodwill; Socks, Dollar Tree; Loafers, Family Thrift; Dooney & Bourke Bag, Goodwill Outlet

Right: Grey T, F21; Plaid Flannel Shirt, S.A. in NC; Target Long Cardigan, Goodwill; Jeans, Goodwill; Minnetonka Moccasins, Goodwill Outlet; Bag, Goodwill Outlet

That about wraps it up! What will be my next item? Only time will tell what I'm gravitating towards for the warmer weather! My guess? One of my recently eBayed Vintage Ts that came in the mail yesterday or my vintage Sam and Libby bow flats from etsy!

Have a great Tuesday :)


Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Favorite Wallet :)

I kind of have a thing for Boy Scout stuff. I love it :) When I was younger, I was a Girl Scout, but it was just too...girlie for me. So when I was in 9th grade, I joined a Venturing Crew, which is coed Boy Scouts! We did high adventure things like hiking 53 miles of the A.T., mountain biking, scuba diving, etc. It was so neat for me to be a real Boy Scout! (And my hubby and little brother are both Eagle Scouts.)

Anyway...what I'm getting at is that I like old Boy Scout things. They are so neat, and I like the history behind them. Which leads me to my new favorite wallet that I found at an antique mall on Saturday:

When I saw it, I couldn't put it down. I've never seen one like it, although I'm sure many scoutmasters and older scouts had them back in the day! If it was in a little bit better shape, I would use it as my regular wallet, but since it's prettty old and falling apart, it's just to look at for now. Maybe someday I'll get around to fixing it up and making it the special wallet it used to be for one lucky boy!

Have a great Monday :)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: The Grandma Sweater of My Dreams

Yesterday morning, I thrifted a couple new pairs of jeans, a really neat paper necklace, and the perfect Grandma sweater! I mean, it has houses on it :) And the buttons? Little houses! I was so excited that when I got home, I threw it in the washer so I could wear it the rest of the day. I dragged the hubby out to photograph it before we left for his mom's birthday party.

Thrifted 80s Hair Bow, Thrifted Sunglasses, eBay Vintage Colorado T, Thrifted Houses Sweater, Thrifted Levi's Jeans, Thrifted Loafers, Chambray Capezio Bag from Estate Sale

So, yeah. It was a good day :) I also found some great Sam and Libby bow flats in size 7.5- they're up in the etsy shop if you wear a 7 as they run small. Oh, and I also got a Furby. Yup, that Furby... I kind of forgot how annoying they are, but also pretty quirky-cute!
Have a great Sunday!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've Got Bows on the Brain, I Guess!

As most of you know by now, I am quite a tomboy :) I pretty much never wear dresses or skirts, and I can't walk well in heels! But for some reason, I've become enamored with bows. I've gotten my hair bows, and bow barrettes, and now...bow flats!

Vintage Sam and Libby Flats, From This Etsy Shop

After I bought my rather large collection of vintage Ts, I thought I might should buy something girlie. When I found these, I was smitten!

Now, I know you can find these at thrift shops, and I often do, but they tend to run about a size small and I always find tiny ones. These are size 9, so they should be perfect :)

Anyway...I'm headed to my favorite thrifts again this morning with the hubby, so I will have finds and an outfit picture coming soon! Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, March 5, 2010

New In The Shop: Awesome 80s Hair Bows!

I couldn't believe it when I found a box full of new old stock 1980s hairbows at Goodwill last night! They are awesome! Of course, I grabbed all they had :) When I got home I realized I probably didn't need six hair I picked out two (which was so hard!) and put the rest up in the etsy shop before I could change my mind! Here are the ones available now for $2.50 each:

I was just so excited about them that I had to share :) I'm sure you'll be seeing the two I picked out very soon- I can't wait to rock them with my vintage Ts all spring and summer! Happy Friday everyone :)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Obsession: Vintage Ts For Cheap!

I've been on the hunt for super-soft vintage tshirts for the longest time- I've just never had any luck at my favorite thrifts. Etsy searches turned up $10 to $20 shirts plus more for shipping...too much for this bargain hunter! Just when I was about to throw in the towel, I tried eBay. And boy, did I score! Here are 4 of the 7 vintage Ts I got yesterday:

A whopping $5 each from this awesome seller :)

Awesome, right? And since I got 5 from the same seller (all of the ones shown plus one more), I got free shipping :) These awesome shirts will get me through spring and summer without a sweat (literally!). I can't wait to rock them!

Happy Thursday- the weekend draws near!


PS: I'm still not feeling any better, but hopefully by this weekend I'll be breathing through my nose again! (TMI?) :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pack Your Carpetbag and Head Down to Disney!

I found this great carpetbag purse at Goodwill Outlet for $2! For some reason, I always seem to find carpetbag purses there. (Maybe I'm the only one who wants them? Most likely!)

And I couldn't resist the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt at G.O. either. For less than a dollar, I can put it on and pretend I'm Florida-bound right now :)

These are about the last of this past weekend's finds, as I'm trying to sell what I have for etsy and slow down on buying things for myself! From now on, I am only going to buy things that pull on my heartstrings...

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blue Things and Sickness

This weekend I started to feel a little sick, but by Sunday night it was full-blown. The hubby thought I had a sinus infection- yuck. I went to work for about 5 hours yesterday, but then I had to leave and go to the doctor. Anyway...long story short, I have a sinus infection, am on antibiotics, and hopefully will get better very soon!

Now what you all are more interested in: Saturday's finds!

From Top Left, Clockwise: Alabaster Box, Good Samaritan ($1); Chambray Shirt for Hubby, Goodwill Outlet (<$1); Polaroid iZone Camera and Film, Love of Jesus ($2); Label Maker and Labels, Love of Jesus ($3 for both)

So, yeah. I guess I accidently thrifted a lot of blue things Saturday! :) I'm really excited about the label maker especially, since I've been looking for one and it's so much fun! The iZone camera works, but the iZone film isn't the 200 version film for this specific camera.

I got some 200 film on eBay, so expect to see some tiny pictures soon! And if you have the old iZone, I can send you the film for free if you'd like! Just let me know if you do :)

Anyway, have a great Tuesday!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Estate Sale DIY: Chambray Bag

While I didn't find a perfect chambray shirt this weekend, I did find a chambray Capezio bag from the 1980s! Sunday I went back to the two-weekend estate sale from last weekend, and they had opened up all of the outbuildings :) I felt all American Pickers (my new fave show) digging through all the old dusty things!

When I unearthed a Capezio bag that most likely had been in this outbuilding since the 80s, I had to have it! Needless to say, it wasn't in great shape. After some OxyClean, TLC, and a round in the washer, it's nearly back to it's original goodness!

Before and After of Chambray Capezio Bag, Estate Sale (<$1)

I'll show you some of the other treasures I found this weekend throughout the week- I just couldn't wait to show you all the difference in my bag :) I hope you all have a great week, and happy Monday!


PS: Have you guys ever restored a thrifted treasure? I'd love to hear about it and feature your before and afters on the blog! Let me know :)