Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mr. Bear, PhD.

Don't mind the silly title- it's the best I could come up with for the two things I got for myself Saturday! The Goodwill Outlet bins had both of these random treasures:

pH Indicator; Vintage Stuffed Bear Keychain; Both: Goodwill Outlet
The pH indicator is just plain nerdy awesome! You just rip off a little piece and put a droplet of water on it and bam! You know the pH :) What a great conversation starter, huh? (Or maybe conversation ender...)

The bear keychain is so quirky cute that I couldn't resist the llittle guy. He's a little big for an actual keychain, but I'm sure I'll find a use for him.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New In The Shop: The Golden Fall Collection!

I haven't posted about an etsy update on here for awhile, but I got mostly things for the shop this weekend! Here is the new golden fall collection, now available in Another's Treasure etsy shop:

Vintage Red Eyed Snake Bracelet, $10 SOLD; Vintage Gold Metal Mechanical Pencils, $3; Vintage Red Eyed Snake Long Necklace/Belt, $10 SOLD; Vintage Little Golden Evening Bag, $6; All: Another's Treasure etsy shop

Vintage Metal Mesh Gold Wallet, $10; Vintage Goldtone Metal Cross, $6; Vintage Crazy Eyed Owl Necklace, $4 SOLD; Vintage Goldtone Initialed Money Clip, $3; All: Another's Treasure etsy shop
Some have already sold out, so if you find something you love, grab it now!
Have a great Monday :)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: It's All in the Buttons

When I found a simple button necklace at Waterfront Rescue Mission thrift store in Pensacola, I didn't realize just how perfect it is. Everywhere I wear this necklace, I get asked about it.

'Where's it from?' 'What is it?' And the most common...'Did you make it?'

I wish I could say I had, because it's quickly become one of my favorite things. Here's what I wore with it yesterday: (You can thank the humidity for the blurry photo!)

Sunglasses, Love of Jesus; Polka Dot Shirt, Goodwill; Sweater, Goodwill; Jeans, Goodwill; Leather Backpack, Goodwill Outlet; Leather Sandals, Love of Jesus (100% Thrifted!)
I also love this sweater, which was the very first thing I thrifted here in Richmond! It's tricky to wear, since it has to be neither too hot nor too cold outside to pull it off :)

The sandals I'm wearing (which you can't really see from the picture) I got almost a year ago as well. I just cleaned out my closet, so I found all sorts of treasures!

I hope your weekend is going well :)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I'm Wanting: An Awesome Pocket Watch!

I've been searching for the perfect vintage pocket watch for awhile. It's obviously not too easy to pick out of a Goodwill bin, though.

I'm determined that, like the sunset sweater, it is out there somewhere!! Here's one on etsy right now:

Vintage Pocket Watch can be purchased HERE on etsy
Wish me luck, and have a great weekend!!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Guy Finds Friday: Poker Dogs

Welcome to another Guy Finds Friday with Josh!

This past weekend, I went to a car show in North Carolina with some friends, so it was up to Amanda to find me something cool to talk about today.

I think she did an awesome job, 'cause I've been wanting one of these pictures for a long time:

Poker Dogs Framed Photo, Goodwill ($5)
How can you beat something with dogs, a pipe or two, some cigars, and cards on it? You can't.

When it comes to guy finds, this is the ultimate. I obviously have an awesome wife to pick this out for me! (Amanda made me write that...ha ha!)

Until next week,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Summer Estate Sale

I've been hitting some pretty slim pickings at estate sales lately. (Of course I usually go on the last day, so everything good might've been gone!)

The one I went to Sunday, though, was amazing!!! Not only did I find the newspaper carrier bag from yesterday's post, but these other vintage treasures, too:

Hand-Painted Tray ($1); Two Vintage Beach Towels ($2.50); Vintage Tie Holder ($1); 1960s Funny Valentines ($1)
I also got a bag full of vintage post cards that I have yet to sort through :) I am just so in love with all of these finds, and they were so reasonably priced!

I'm not sure how the tie 'rack' works, but I love the painting of the ship on it! It's hanging over my desk as something pretty to look at.

The valentines are pretty cool, too. They all have funny sayings featuring country folks...I can't wait to use them this February!

Have any of you been to any good estate sales lately?


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Evening News

By far my favorite purchase this past weekend I snagged at the estate sale I went to Sunday. I found none other than an authentic vintage newspaper carrier's bag!

It didn't have a price tag on it, and I was almost too scared to ask since I'd seen similar ones go for about a hundred bucks.

Vintage Newspaper Carrier's Bag, Estate Sale ($4)
The man from the estate sale company pondered for quite a bit before offering the price of $4. (!!!) He said the bag was from a now-defunct newspaper in Nova Scotia.

While he rang up my purchases, we talked some more about the awesome bag. I told him that I was a journalism graduate, which was why I thought having an old newspaper bag was so neat.

He said that he had a journalism degree too, and that he'd worked for the Richmond newspaper for many years before he retired. Pretty cool stuff.

I'll show you the rest of my estate sale finds tomorrow :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Achy Breaky Heart

My favorite part of this outfit isn't even thrifted! It kind of felt like a thrifted find, though, since I bought my glass heart pendant for only $2.99 :) It's so pretty, and hanging on one of my silk chords, it's the perfect addition to an outfit:

Striped Shirt, Thrift Store in Florida; Glass Pendant, Mall Kiosk; Gap Jeans, Goodwill; Tassel Flats, Love of Jesus; Leather Backpack, Goodwill Outlet
Here's a close-up:

Cool, huh? :) And the 'achy breaky' part of the post title? Well, when I bought the necklace, that darn song was stuck in my head the rest of the day! Lol :)

I found some great things at the estate sale I went to Sunday- I can't wait to share them with you!!

Have a good one :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

The Scrabble-Playing Aviator

I've always been a fan of aviator sunglasses. They are just so cool! Of course, when I saw some on the bottom of the Goodwill Outlet bin, I grabbed them!

Also pulled from the bins on Saturday? A vintage Scrabble game! With all the pieces!

Vintage Aviators and Scrabble Game, Goodwill Outlet (about $1); Patterned Rug, Love of Jesus ($1)
The last thing I picked up was from Love of Jesus thrift. This neat, patterned runner rug is the perfect size for the entrance to our apartment, and the price was right!

I had really great luck at the estate sale I visited Sunday, so I'll be showing you all those goodies and my outfit soon :)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: The Backpacker

I'm not about to throw on a 30-pound backpack and hit the woods. (Although I have before, to hike 53 miles of the Appalachian Trail!)

Nope, I just pulled this great leather backpack out of the back of my closet and hit the thrift stores! Together with my lightweight silky shirt, it was a comfortable outfit:
Silky Shirt, Goodwill; Jeans, Goodwill; Sandals, Goodwill Outlet; Backpack, Goodwill Outlet; Sunnies, Good Samaritan; Necklace, Thrift shop in Florida

I have to say, it was nice having my hands free for the day :) Maybe this backpack thing isn't a bad idea!

Unfortunately, I didn't find that awesome 70s sunset sweater, but I did snag a couple pretty cool things to show you all :)

I hope you're having a great weekend :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

The Formula for the Most Perfect Sweater. Of All Time.

It all started a couple weeks ago, when I was looking through my in-laws photo albums. My father-in-law owned the greatest 1970s sweater of all time. I couldn't get a decent photo (of the photo) of it, but here's the basic formula:
Vintage Cardigan can be purchased HERE on etsy. Sunset photo by me in Florida, June 2010.
Trust me here. A space dye sunset on an acrylic sweater is just perfection. And now, of course, I'm on the search. I know you're out there somewhere, you ol' 70s space dye sunset sweater of my dreams!!! Wish me luck!


Guy Finds Friday: Turtles in Time

Welcome to another Guy Finds Friday with Josh!

You know how I talked about my Super Nintendo Amanda and I pulled out of the Goodwill bins a couple weeks ago? Well, I found another cool thing there this past weekend. Three words: Awesome. Radical. Cowabunga!

Before my eyes: Turtles in Time! (Insert evil laugh here.)

Turtles in Time SNES Game, GoodwilL Outlet ($1)
The Ninja Turtles have always held a special place in my heart. I even went to see the second Turtles movie on my birthday in first grade. I would quote the movie all the time: "I'll say it once, and I'll say it again...man, I love being a turtle!"

And everyone has a favorite Turtle. Mine's Raphael. What's yours?

Until next week,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifted Miscellany

 For lack of a better way of grouping these things together, today I'm showing you all the rest of this past weekend's finds!

Vintage Hat, Goodwill Outlet; Longaberger Basket Bag, Estate Sale; 1909 Good Health Book, Love of Jesus; 1940s and 50s Woman's Day Magazines, West End Antiques
I usually don't look in the 'hat bins' at Goodwill Outlet, but after finding this gem, I'd better start! It's the perfect fall hat :) The magazines and old book are pretty funny. There's a whole chapter in 'Good Health' about smoking's affects on cats and dogs!

The purse was an unexpected find, and will probably be given as a Christmas present. (I hope this person isn't reading this post...Lol.)

Have a great Thursday :)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Labyrinth!

One of those things that I always thought was cool but never really had was a labyrinth. When I spotted a really nice wooden one in the Goodwill Outlet bins, I had to try it out!

The verdict? At $2, totally worth it! Although I have to say that it's a lot prettier than it is easy to use.

Labyrinth, Goodwill Outlet ($2)
There's a little 'start' area, and I've gotten about three holes past that every time I've tried! Have any of you ever been more successful at one? If so, I might just have to invite you over to show me the tricks!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet, Perhaps, My Best Find Ever...

...My newly thrifted 1980s Lane Stowaway Chest! I saw it sitting in the corner of Good Samaritan thrift on Saturday, and I was drawn to the treasure chest look of it. When I saw the price ($20!) and confirmed that it was of great quality, (Lane! Here's the girlie version on ebay for over $200!) I had to get it :)

The hubby and I lugged it to the register, and this beauty of a chest is now my treasure:

Lane Stowaway Chest, Good Samaritan ($20)
It's a perfect fit in our bedroom, too! I have my books in it now, and it's like my own little library :)

At first, I was set on sanding it down and refinishing it, but after some cleaning I like it as is. I love finding beautiful things for affordable prices! It's the best part of thrifting for me :)



Monday, August 16, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Denim Day

Saturday morning, the hubby and I ventured all over town in search of cool treasures, but we weren't very successful. I had one major find and a couple little things, but it most mostly a bust!

Days like that make me happy that I have my wonderful husband to keep me company :) Even if we don't find much, we still have the day to hang out together.

Denim Shirt, Salvation Army; Pants, Goodwill; Sandals, Goodwill Outlet; Purse, Goodwill; Necklaces, thrifted and Tulle.com; Bangle, Flea Market; Sunnies, Good Samaritan
I'll show you the one great find tomorrow-it almost made up for not finding much else :) Oh, and this is the last time you'll see this purse...it has metal on the straps, and I'm allergic to most metals, which just doesn't mix! It'll be passed on to a co-worker who said she'd want it if I got rid of it :)

Have a great Monday, everyone!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Thrifted Party Outfits: An Ode to the 20s

Friday night after I got off work, the hubby and I got fancied up for his sister's 1920s-themed birthday party. It was so much fun to thrift things for our outfits, even if only my bow-shaped pin was actually from the 20s.

Oh, and the hubby was so kind as to pick out some red lipstick for me to wear as the finishing touch:

Dress, Skirt, F21 Flats, Purse, Bow, All: Thrifted; Necklace, UO (Years ago)
And I have to show you the hubby's outfit, too:

Shirt, Kohls; Pants, Goodwill; Shoes, Marshalls; Sword Pin, Good Samaritan; Hat, Estate Sale
We had a really great time eating good food, watching people dance, taking pictures, and hanging out :) It's always fun to attend a themed party!

I'll have yesterday's thrifting outfit up tomorrow :)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

What I'm Wanting: Fall and Cowboy Boots!

Is anyone else ready for fall? It's my favorite season up here in Richmond! The pretty leaves and cooler weather just make it perfect. Even though it's still steamy outside, I've already started thinking about what I'm wanting to thrift for the colder months.

On the top of that list? Cowboy boots!

Vintage Cowboy Boots can be purchased HERE on etsy
These ones I found while browsing through etsy are perfect, except they are way too tiny for my feet! If you wear a 5.5, definitely check them out!

Other things that are still on my mind? Books about thrift shopping/antiquing, crazy non-metal jewelry, and Saltwater Sandals :)

Have a great weekend!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Guy Finds Friday: Momentum at its Best!

Welcome to another Guy Finds Friday with Josh! This week, I'm going to show you a simple, yet awesome toy from my childhood that was recently acquired at Goodwill Outlet.

The Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo was one of the first toys I remember. Thanks to my Dad, I understood the mechanics of it from a young age. We'd impress my mom with my explanation of gravity and momentum.

Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo; Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
Now that I've grown up (at least on the outside), I can do more fancy tricks and impress my wife with my skills! What a cool thing to find at the bottom of a Goodwill bin!

Until next week,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clog Mania

Trends in fashion are fun, and they change all the time. However, my opinion on the matter is that you should wear what works for you- what you're comfortable in and what makes you feel good, despite the current popularity of some styles. (Like harem pants. Not for everyone.)

Of course, there are always moments when you just can't help but pick up a trendy item at a thrift store. It's a cheap and easy way to find out if that thing works for you. All this to say that I thrifted these wooden-heeled clog wedges Saturday:

American Eagle Wood and Leather Clog Wedges, Goodwill Outlet
Guess what? I can barely walk in them! I shouldn't be surprised, since I'm a flats girl 99% of the time, but I just had to try. Some of my favorite bloggers pull them off beautifully, but they're just not me. I'm having a blast trying to walk around my apartment in them, though! (Pretty hilarious :) )

Some current trends I've thrifted and ended up loving, like stripes, polka-dots, fringe, boater hats and oxfords. These all fit into my tomboyish-quirky-comfy style while adding just the right amount of girliness in. Clog wedges, not so much.

I guess we all have a thrifting fail every once in awhile! Next time, I'm going to try to walk in a pair of shoes instead of just making sure they fit :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kipling and Flowers

I just love reaching into a Goodwill Outlet bin and pulling out something I wanted years ago. That's what happened with my Kipling wallet! I know it's not super-cute, but it's purple and it's resilient! Just check out the reviews on the Kipling site :)

Kipling Wallet, Goodwill Outlet; Vintage Floral Hair Pins, Salvation Army
I was excited to find these adorable vintage hair pins at the Salvation Army, too! I got a couple cards full of them, so I'll be listing some in the etsy shop this weekend. I love finding vintage hair accessories- they seem so much more sturdy than their new counterparts :)

I hope your week is going well!


PS: Don't forget to email me your thrifted finds and the stories behind them for Things We Thrifted! I've got a couple so far that I'm working on the posts for :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

E.T. and Dragonflies

It seems like everywhere I go lately, I see something E.T.-related! Totally weird, right? First, I saw the exact same E.T. doll (action figure?) at an antique mall that I used to play with at my Grammy's house.

Then I bought the 1980s Drew Barrymore book Little Girl Lost, which talks about her experience making E.T. as well as the struggles she had as a teen. Then, well, this:

E.T. Wallet/Keychain; Pins; All: Bellwood Flea Market ($1 Total)
I had to get the E.T. wallet/keychain hybrid. The Bellwood Flea Market was mostly a miss; these little treasures were a dollar total and my only finds. Oh well- it was worth braving the heat and the $1 entrance fee for them :)


PS: Don't forgot to email me your finds at isanotherstreasure(at)hotmail(dot)com so I can post them on the Things We Thrifted blog!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pretty Finds and Something Exciting!

First off, the exciting news! I have been thinking about it for quite awhile, and last night I finally went ahead and set it up. What, you ask? A companion blog called 'Things We Thrifted'! It's a place where all of you can contribute your thrifted finds and tell the story behind them :) Click on the link for the details!

Okay, back to regular programming.

The beautiful leather Liz Claiborne bag and the awesome 80s Sam and Libby sandals I found Saturday are both a wonderful shade of milk chocolate brown. Such a lovely color!

Liz Claiborne Leather Bag, Goodwill ($4); 80s Sam and Libby Sandals, Goodwill Outlet ($2.50)
These sandals are super comfy (always a plus!) and breezy enough for this oven-hot summer we're having here in Richmond :) I couldn't wait to put them on and try them out!

I don't have much more to say today, actually. Not going to all my favorite thrifts Saturday threw me off a bit, and I only came home with a couple of things. (Although the hubby made it out with some treasures that he'll be sure to share on Friday!)

Be sure to check out Things We Thrifted and shoot me an email to contribute! I'd love to see your finds!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Breezy Summer :)

Yesterday, it was thankfully not blazing hot! I was perfectly comfy in my lightweight silky tunic and cut-offs, although it did get a little too steamy outside by the time we walked around the outdoor flea market.

Vintage Sunnies, Good Samaritan; Tunic, Goodwill; Cut-Offs, Goodwill; Shell Necklace, Diversity Thrift; Clarks Wedges, Family Thrift; Vintage Coach Bag, Goodwill Outlet; Vintage Suitcase, Estate Sale (100% Thrifted!)
Although I didn't end up thrifting much yesterday (the flea market was mostly a bust), I did find a few things :) I also met a fellow blogger for the first time! Hi Sarah!

We spent the night at the hubby's parents' house last night, which is why I have my suitcase in these pics. I got it for three bucks at an estate sale :) Yesterday, we saw one just like it at an antique store for $60!

Have a relaxing, wonderful Sunday everyone :)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Floral Music

I had a half-day of work on Tuesday, so of course I ventured back to my favorite thrifts and an antique shop! Oddly enough, they were as crowded as they are on Saturdays, but I still came home with a couple treasures :)

Vintage Panasonic Radio, Love of Jesus; Vintage Floral Ring/Mirror, Midlothian Antiques
I fell in love with this Panasonic radio! It's in full working condition, and it's pure retro awesome. The smallish size makes it perfect for the table beside our couch :)

And of course I had to get this weird contraption of a 'ring'. The top flips up, revealing a mirror for makeup touch-ups and the like. I got it to sell in the etsy shop, but it's so odd and useful in my purse that I might keep it! (Of course, let me know if you'd like me to list it on etsy, and I'll be glad to!)

I hope you have a great weekend! We're going to Goodwill Outlet and a flea market today, so I'll let you know how it goes :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Guy Finds Friday: A Classy Humidor

Welcome to this week's Guy Finds Friday with Josh. Today I'm going to show you my best thrifted find ever. Usually when I go thrifting, there are three things that I look for: video games, old pocket knives, and vintage pipes.

I branch out from these from time to time, but they are pretty much what I'm after. So imagine how awesome it was when I spied this humidor in the bins at the Goodwill Outlet!

Humidor, Goodwill Outlet ($4.50)

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it- it was in great shape with just a little bit of dust! There was a key hole, but no key. Suddenly, a hippie dude came up to us. "Nice find," he said. "I think this is the key."

I thanked him, tried it, and it worked! I gladly paid the $4.50 for my newly found humidor.

When we got home, I put a bit of cleaning and care into it, and it was ready to be used:

The drawer on the bottom stores lighters and matches.
With my awesome thrifted humidor, I feel like a true cigar connoisseur.

Until next week,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Treasure is My Middle Name. (It's Actually Gayle.)

I'm sitting here trying to type this post on the hubby's tiny computer because mine is in the shop getting fixed again.  It just malfunctioned for no reason, which totally stinks. Anyway, let's get to the good stuff!

I found some pretty neat things this past weekend, and I'm going to show you the rest of them today, jumbled together haphazardly :) (Tomorrow is the hubby's turn to show you his absolute best thrifted find ever!)

1920s Edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Heritage Antiques; Vintage Wooden Beaded Purse, Goodwill Outlet; Quilted Teddy Bear, Heritage Antiques; Assorted Bangles, Crappy Flea Market

 I had some great luck at one of my favorite antique malls on Sunday! Don't you just love the teddy bear? You can't tell from the picture, but it's pretty big! Perfect for leaning on to read a good book :)

I've been searching for a really old edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for quite a long time, and this one was only 6 bucks! The illustrations are neat too, because Alice looks like a mini-flapper girl!

I know I'm weeding out my purses, but I couldn't resist this heavy wooden beaded one. The mustard yellow is almost the exact color of my beloved big mustard cardigan! And the bangles? How could I pass up the only neat things in an otherwise crappy flea? (Plus, they were a dollar.)

Speaking of which, the hubby and I are going to check out a better flea market on Saturday! I can't wait! I hope to dig out some treasure :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fate, Stripes, and TWA

It's odd how fate seems to work sometimes. Especially when it comes to thrifting!

Remember how I thrifted Ray Bans in Pensacola a couple months ago? Saturday, the case that was made for them was in the Goodwill Outlet bins! And a vintage Ray Ban case was at Good Samaritan!

Even weirder is that I went to Goodwill Outlet yesterday afternoon and found the top to the container I showed you all yesterday. It's so cool when it works like that :)

Another neat thing I picked up at G.O. on Saturday is this red striped bag. You all know my current stripe obsession! I feel like this will be the perfect throw-everything-in-it bag that makes any outfit more put-together.

(I resisted so many other cute bags this weekend! I've started selling off my extra bags in the etsy shop, but if you've seen any you like on the blog, let me know. I'd be glad to pass it on to you for a super-low price!)

Lastly, here's a TWA button that I found at an estate sale a little while ago. I think it's so neat, and it's up in the etsy shop! I also have a TWA carry-on bag, but it needs some cleaning up.

How is everyone's week going? Mine's going pretty fast- I can't believe we're already in August! Before we know it, it'll be cool outside again :)

(Although here's to hoping it doesn't snow like crazy again this year! This Florida girl can't take it!!)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pretty. Random.

You never know what you might pull out of a Goodwill Outlet bin. It could be a pair of Oakley sunglasses, a nice wooden humidor, or brand new Converse sneakers. (All of which I've found there!) This week, I got some older, just as awesome, things:

Vintage Chinese Enamelware Container; Vintage Sunbeam Shavemaster Leather Pouch; Both: Goodwill Outlet
I've seen these old enamel items at estate sales (usually far out of my price range), so I had to get this one for pennies! It's pretty and perfect for holding my sunglasses so I can grab whichever pair I want on my way out the door.

And I admit that the shavemaster zippered case is sort of random. But, it's the perfect size for holding my camera just to make sure it doesn't break. (Even though it's supposed to be unbreakable, I'm kind of known for dropping things...)

I hope your week's going well! I have a half day since I worked Saturday, so I might get a little thrifting in :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Come Sail Away

When I found this little sweater on the rack at my local Goodwill Saturday, I wasn't thinking about actual sailboats. (I get really sea-sick!) All I saw was this perfect, adorable piece of the 80s that I had to have!

Vintage 80s Sweater, Goodwill ($3.99)
A young woman standing near me was eyeing my little gem, and she followed me around the store to see if I'd set it down. If I didn't love it so much, I probably would've let her have it, but it's just so cute! I couldn't wait to wear it yesterday:

Vintage Sweater, Goodwill; Button Necklace, Waterfront Rescue Mission; Jeans, Goodwill; Minnetonka Mocs, Goodwill Outlet; Vintage Coach Bag, Goodwill Outlet (100% Thrifted!)
I thought the Minnetonka Mocs that I got at G.O. ages ago would fit the sailing feel, and I grabbed this old Coach bag to match. Thankfully, it was only about 79 degrees here in Richmond yesterday- the perfect weather for a short-sleeve sweater!

I found some other pretty neat things this weekend- I can't wait to show you :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thrifty Blogger of the Month: Emily of The Daily Fashionista!

Meet August's Thrifty Blogger: Emily of The Daily Fashionista! I love Emily's classic style, which she puts together on a budget with thrifted and bargain finds :) Thrifting is one of her favorite past times (mine too!), so I am excited to share her great tips and stories!

Another's Treasure: When did you first start thrift shopping, and why did you begin?

The Daily Fashionista: I started thrifting back when I started dating my now husband, when I was 18. While in high school, I was too self-conscious to actually go thrifting because people would always ask where I got my clothes from and I was scared what people would think if I shopped at the thrift store. Now I could care less! Zach always shopped at thrift stores to find awesome clothes he could put a punk rock theme to...like grandpa cardigans and plaid pants...all that jazz...so one day he took me with him and I was hooked!

AT: What do you consider your best thrifted find ever?

TDF: My best thrifted find would have to be this dress I scored at my favorite thrift store called Thrift Store USA. It fits perfect, still to this day, and I get tons of compliments on it for it's loud pattern and shapely silhouette. It was probably my most expensive dress I've found at a thrift store, but I couldn't resist it. Even if it was $6!

Dress, Thrift Store USA; Photo Courtesy of The Daily Fashionista

AT: What would be the ultimate coolest thing to see for a dollar at a thrift store?

TDF: This is a tough question! I could think of a million things, but the best thing I could find for $1 would have to be a perfect fitting flat oxford shoe in a cognac color. I've been searching for these for months!

AT: Do you have any tips on finding great things while thrifting? Please share!

TDF: The best tip I can think of is, Have Patience! It's important to take your time to scour every aisle that you are interested in. One time I found a great blouse that was actually hiding in the kids section of the thrift store, so I snatched it up! And sometimes you need to look through an aisle more than once, because the clothes can be so packed that you may have missed something good.

And I know sometimes when someone has one bad experience with a thrift store, they never return. This can be a mistake, since most thrift stores rotate their selections daily. The thrift store I visit the most often adds at least 1000 items a day!

Thank you so much for your awesome tips and thrifting tales, Emily! You can check out her blog here :)