Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Achy Breaky Heart

My favorite part of this outfit isn't even thrifted! It kind of felt like a thrifted find, though, since I bought my glass heart pendant for only $2.99 :) It's so pretty, and hanging on one of my silk chords, it's the perfect addition to an outfit:

Striped Shirt, Thrift Store in Florida; Glass Pendant, Mall Kiosk; Gap Jeans, Goodwill; Tassel Flats, Love of Jesus; Leather Backpack, Goodwill Outlet
Here's a close-up:

Cool, huh? :) And the 'achy breaky' part of the post title? Well, when I bought the necklace, that darn song was stuck in my head the rest of the day! Lol :)

I found some great things at the estate sale I went to Sunday- I can't wait to share them with you!!

Have a good one :)



  1. What a cool necklace! I can't believe that glass heart was less than 3 bucks. It looks cool with the striped shirt, too.

  2. Thanks, Sam :) I found it at a kiosk in our local mall, too! Random, but I love it :)

  3. I love the necklace! it's really different xo


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