Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Summer Estate Sale

I've been hitting some pretty slim pickings at estate sales lately. (Of course I usually go on the last day, so everything good might've been gone!)

The one I went to Sunday, though, was amazing!!! Not only did I find the newspaper carrier bag from yesterday's post, but these other vintage treasures, too:

Hand-Painted Tray ($1); Two Vintage Beach Towels ($2.50); Vintage Tie Holder ($1); 1960s Funny Valentines ($1)
I also got a bag full of vintage post cards that I have yet to sort through :) I am just so in love with all of these finds, and they were so reasonably priced!

I'm not sure how the tie 'rack' works, but I love the painting of the ship on it! It's hanging over my desk as something pretty to look at.

The valentines are pretty cool, too. They all have funny sayings featuring country folks...I can't wait to use them this February!

Have any of you been to any good estate sales lately?



  1. What a cute tray! You always seem to have better luck at estate sales than I do, even when you only find one or two things!

  2. That tray is so beautifully painted. I'm always salvaging for cool stuff from thrift stores, but I've never actually been to an estate sale and there are tons of them in my city. Weird, huh?

  3. You should definitely check them out! You never know what you'll find at an estate sale :)


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