Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet, Perhaps, My Best Find Ever...

...My newly thrifted 1980s Lane Stowaway Chest! I saw it sitting in the corner of Good Samaritan thrift on Saturday, and I was drawn to the treasure chest look of it. When I saw the price ($20!) and confirmed that it was of great quality, (Lane! Here's the girlie version on ebay for over $200!) I had to get it :)

The hubby and I lugged it to the register, and this beauty of a chest is now my treasure:

Lane Stowaway Chest, Good Samaritan ($20)
It's a perfect fit in our bedroom, too! I have my books in it now, and it's like my own little library :)

At first, I was set on sanding it down and refinishing it, but after some cleaning I like it as is. I love finding beautiful things for affordable prices! It's the best part of thrifting for me :)




  1. Thanks, Sarah! I couldn't believe it when I saw the quality and brand!! Wow, I sound like such a furniture dork :)


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