Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifted Miscellany

 For lack of a better way of grouping these things together, today I'm showing you all the rest of this past weekend's finds!

Vintage Hat, Goodwill Outlet; Longaberger Basket Bag, Estate Sale; 1909 Good Health Book, Love of Jesus; 1940s and 50s Woman's Day Magazines, West End Antiques
I usually don't look in the 'hat bins' at Goodwill Outlet, but after finding this gem, I'd better start! It's the perfect fall hat :) The magazines and old book are pretty funny. There's a whole chapter in 'Good Health' about smoking's affects on cats and dogs!

The purse was an unexpected find, and will probably be given as a Christmas present. (I hope this person isn't reading this post...Lol.)

Have a great Thursday :)


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  1. What great finds!!! I always love to see what you get!


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