Friday, March 11, 2011

Blythe's Thrifted Outfit

Vintage Barbie Dress, Antique Shop in Florida ($2); New Pink Computer Chair, Goodwill ($8)
Here was the perfect opportunity to show off this neat old Barbie dress on Blythe and my newly thrifted pink computer chair. (It was a particularly dark and rainy day yesterday, and this was pretty much my only photo option, in other words!)

First, the dress was a cool find from an antique shop near my parent's house when we were down there for Thanksgiving. It's a tad big on Blythe, but I like the print on it for spring!

The chair was an awesome and timely find, since I loveeeee my vintage ice cream chair but can't sit on it comfortably for more than a couple minutes! Now my pretty Valentine's day chair is doing what it does best- looking good- and my new computer chair is cute and pink and comfy. Win-win.

Happy Friday! I have to work tomorrow morning, but then I'll be off to the thrift shops with the hubby since he has the day off for once! I'm excited to go with him again. :)


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