Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three Dimensional

1950s Textured Wall Art, Estate Sale ($2.50)    
I loved the estate sale we went to last Sunday. I don't know how they are elsewhere, but here in Richmond, estate sales have the best stuff waiting in the basement! We found the War of the Worlds book for less than a buck, a very old wooden baseball bat for $2.50 and this wall art for the same.

In addition to this pretty scene, (which, in case you missed the post title, pops out from the frame) there was a Florida Panther one! I loved it, but I couldn't convince the hubby that we should take both home. Alas, we just have this pretty vintage mountain-scape.

I am so glad it's Saturday! Thrift days are my absolute favorites (can you tell?!), so I'm super excited. :) Plus, tomorrow we're celebrating the hubby's birthday with his family, so that should be cool too. Have a good one!


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  1. What a neat painting! I love finding stuff like that while thrifting. You'll be proud of my latest find! Two vintage Diane von Furstenburg blouses for $1.50 each:)


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