Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pulling Vintage out of a Hat

Vintage Leather Wallet, Goodwill Outlet ($0.50)
I swear I talk about this every day, but it really is amazing what can be found in the Goodwill Outlet bins! In regards to vintage, especially.

I've found all sorts of old favorites being a 1950s Viewmaster, 60s and 70s doll clothes for Blythe, and even 60s Barbie party napkins still in the plastic wrap! The new goes quickly at Goodwill Outlet, but the old still has a fighting chance of coming home with a non-elbow-throwing gal like me.

This vintage patent leather wallet is one of those finds I couldn't believe. It's in perfect condition, with the original card inside with the maker's info and a space for your vital numbers. Such a neat thing to grab out of a random bin filled with broken old cell phones, doll heads, and the like.

Ahhh, Goodwill Outlet. Always an adventure.


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  1. Man, that looks like it's in great shape!!


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