Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fishin' for Presents

Fly Fishing Glass Cup, Goodwill Outlet
I like how Sarah of Five Camels ordered business cards to the effect of "thrifted and thoroughly washed by Sarah."

I personally find most of my gifts for people at thrift shops, too, so I see how such a card would be helpful for gift recipients! The above glass cup is for my father-in-law (who I don't think reads this, so it should be okay!), because he's a fan of fly fishing.

Some people are harder than others to shop for, so when I find something for them while thrifting, I grab it! Does anyone else shop for gifts at the thrifts?



  1. I got those cards in the mail the other day and they're SO COOL!
    "Gifts at the Thrifts" sounds very Seusey. I like it!
    Thrifting for gifts is so rewarding because you can be that cool Aunt who always has presents without going broke! :)

  2. True that! I'm so with you on this :)

  3. I only have 2 friends who honestly appreciate thrifted gifts. But they REALLY love them, so yes, I tend to pick things up for them all through the year as I see them and love watching them unwrap all the little treasures when we exchange our gifts at Christmas.


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