Friday, September 17, 2010

Guy Finds Friday: The Pyromaniac

Hi and welcome to another Guy Finds Friday with Josh!

This past Friday I went antiquing with the wife and I found something my inner pyromaniac has always wanted: strike anywhere matches! You can light them by striking them on pretty much any hard surface.

They are hard to find nowadays, as they are a little bit of a fire hazard. (A few of my friends have found them online, though.)

Strike Anywhere Matches and Holder; Cigar Cutter; Both: Heritage Antiques
The other thing I picked up at the antique store that night is this neat cigar cutter. It offers three different ways of cutting cigars, depending on their size. The design of the plastic handle is pretty sweet, too.

With these finds, I can cut a cigar and light it almost anywhere. (Just don't tell my wife!)

Until next week,

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