Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Come Sail Away

At Sunday's estate sale, it seemed like I found unique treasures everywhere I turned! Two of them were little wooden boxes. I grabbed both: a parrot one for the shop, and a sailboat one for me :)

Sailboat Wooden Box, Estate Sale 9-26-10
The funny thing is, I can't really ride on sailboats. I get super, super sea-sick! (Try saying that 10 times fast :))

I couldn't resist this cute little scene, though. The bird; the water; the little boat. I can see the allure of the salty breeze and the open ocean. For me, it's enough to have a little piece of that to look at every day :)


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  1. Oh! I love the parrot one in your shop! The sailboat one is cute, too, though. I know what you mean about getting really sucks!


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