Thursday, September 2, 2010

Estate Sale Sunshine

Sunday, I made the mistake of arriving right at noon for an estate sale. This was a major one, with numbers given out and a huge line. I had nothing better to do, so I braved the humidity and the chatty line-standers and waited.

I'm glad I did, because although it wasn't the best estate sale of the summer, it was pretty darn good!

Vintage Hat, $2; Sunshine While in Line, Free (lol); Vintage Austrian Teddy Bear, $2; Hand-painted Jewelry Box, $1
I had to include the pretty sunshine photo, because I spent more time outside in line looking through those trees than I did in the house! I do admit that it was nice not having many people inside when my chance came to look around, though.

As you can see, I'm digging old stuffed bears right now! This little guy is sitting with my quilted teddy bear on top of my Lane wooden chest. It looks so cute with the vintage typewriter Grammy gave me next to it! I'll have to take a photo and show you :)

I hope your week's going well! I get off early today since I have to work Saturday, but then it's a 2 and a half day weekend!!! Ah, holidays.



  1. Oh goodie, I get a half day too! I always get stuck working on Saturdays for 3 day weekends. Somehow I was lucky enough to get 4th of july, labor day and columbus day. Kinda not fair, but whatever. I love the teddy bear. He's adorable!

  2. Thanks, Emily! Yeah, I had to work on the 4th too. Oh well, I guess a 2 and a hlaf day weekend's better than a 2 day one!!

  3. Wow! Estate sale...that sounds super classy! You scored some amazing finds! I love that hat!


  4. As a kid I was obsessed with teddy bears. I wish it was appropriate to still have a bed full of stuffed animals.

  5. Thanks Bubbs! I might end up listing the hat in my etsy shop, so keep an eye out!

    Megan: I think stuffed animals are always cool! When I find really great ones, I get them :)


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