Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Inside Peek

I've been meaning to take more apartment pictures, and I finally remembered to! Here are a couple new spots in our cute little abode.

Top Square:
1. My pretty thrifted lamp I got at a Goodwill in Chesterfield for five bucks with the shade!
2. A flame-less candle from Goodwill Outlet about a year ago.
3. A really neat German camera from G.O.
4. A book about coins and their values from Love of Jesus and a 1920s copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
5. My trusty 1980s alarm clock I got about a year ago at Salvation Army.
6. Huge shark tooth that I've had so long I can't remember where I got it! (Maybe one of my parents will be able to help me remember!)

Middle Square:
1. My lovely vintage typewriter that Grammy gave me last Christmas!! I love, love, love it! (The case for it is on to the left of it.)
2. 1980s Lane wooden chest from Good Samaritan, that I can't believe I got for twenty bucks!
3. + 4. Vintage Teddy Bears, thrifted and estate saled.
5. Crystal from when we went 'mining' in North Carolina over Christmas.

Bottom Square:
1. - 3. Guitar-shaped wall hangers from my mom :) (Both the hubby and I play guitar- he plays electric and bass and I play acoustic.)
4. Purse that my dad got me in Africa- so cool!
5. Vintage leather backpack purse for thrifting.
6. Awesome estate saled newspaper carrier bag!

Hope your week's going well :)


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