Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hats Off to Ya!

I have always liked wearing hats in theory. They pull an outfit together, and they're cute! But when you're wearing one, doesn't it sometimes seem like a hassle?

Maybe I'm just a bit too clumsy to pull off wearing hats all the time. I always seem to drop it or trip and it flies off! This hat is making me want to try again, though:

Vintage Felt Hat, Good Samaritan ($2.99)
It's the perfect fall hat! The tan and brown wool, the shape, the fit- everything about it I love :)

Have you thrifted something lately for fall? Let me know, and we'll post it on Things We Thrifted! I really would like to get some more posts up on there, and I know you guys have some mad thrifting skills :)


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  1. I totes know what you mean about hats! I find that they're adorable in photos but not so practical in everyday life sometimes.


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