Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thrifty Blogger of the Month: Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk!

I am so excited to feature one of my very favorites as this month's Thrifty Blogger: Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk!

She's the master of mixing great clothing store deals with 30 cent thrifted finds. Whenever I see one of these unique and just plain cool pieces incorporated in an outfit, I am in awe.

Of course, I couldn't wait to ask her some thrifting questions and share her experience with you!

Another's TreasureWhen did you first start thrift shopping, and why did you begin?

Blue Collar Catwalk: I actually started thrifting a long, LONG time ago in middle school. I used to LOVE thrifting when I was in high school (circa Nirvana, grunge and My So-Called Life), but didn't do it as much when I was in college and the couple of years after that.

When I started blogging, I really got into it again. I think part of it was seeing all the creative and affordable gems that other bloggers found at thrift stores, paired with a lack of money after quitting my full time job last summer. Now, I can't get enough!

I love the opportunity to find unique, high-quality items for next to nothing. AND there's not going to be 50 people walking around town with the exact same thing!

An outfit featuring Kyla's 30 cent denim vest and her dog Iggy!, Courtesy of Blue Collar Catwalk
Click HERE for her original post.
AT: What do you consider your best thrifted find ever?

BCC: Ooh - that's a tough one! I found an amazing military-inspired blazer last winter and the perfect black suede skirt. My most worn item is a Talbot's khaki safari jacket.

AT: What would be the ultimate coolest thing to see for a dollar at a thrift store?

BCC: Hmmm ... designer shoes in my size! I never find shoes at Goodwill, and I'm so jealous of the amazing shoes, especially leather boots, that others have found!

AT: Do you have any tips on finding great things while thrifting? Please share!

BCC: Patience, patience, patience. Once in a while, I'll go to Goodwill just to mosey around and see what jumps out at me, but 99% of the time, I go with a few things in mind. Nothing too specific, but just enough of an idea of what I want to help narrow my search a little, like high-waisted pants, floral skirt, etc. Otherwise, it's too overwhelming.

I also like to scan the racks for fabrics, colors or prints that jump out at me. It's a great way to find bold pieces. And, of course, try on everything (if you can). Sizes are all over the place, so it's important to keep an open mind.

Lastly, I try to make it a rule not too buy things just because they're cheap. It's a really bad habit to get into, because before you know it, you've got a pile at home of $50 worth of thrifted crap!

I try to steer clear of anything that needs a lot of altering - a hem is easy, but I'm really selective of anything that needs more (even with the best intentions, I almost never get to it all). And anything that shows a lot of wear (like pilling, tears, crappy quality) should just stay on the racks!


Make sure to check out Kyla's great personal style blog Blue Collar Catwalk here :)

Want to talk about your thrifting experiences or show your finds? Email me at isanotherstreasure(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll post them on Things We Thrifted!



  1. Oh! I love Kyla's style, and I can't believe the 30 cent finds either! Great choice for a feature!

  2. I know what she means about not just buying things cause they're cheap. I ended up with a closet full of ill-fitting thrifted clothes, but now I just get what's perfect!

  3. I agree with you both :) It was so fun to interview Kyla, and she had such great things to say!

  4. Great interview, her tips are right on :)

  5. thanks for the interview. good one! love the outfit too, i want that denim vest, definitely your new follower :)


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