Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Use For...Random Household Things

I think I mentioned that my hubby is going back to school. Well, because of this he needs our desk and office chair more than I do! I've relocated myself to the odd-shaped corner by our sliding glass door, and I desperately needed my own computer space.

With a certain girlie office flair in mind, I gathered items from around our apartment and set up a mini office!

Butterfly Wall Art, Vintage Frames, 'Key' Holder, Wooden Cup, Vintage Celluloid Duck, Hats, Tiger Rug, Folding Table, Floral Sheet, Beads; All: Thrifted/Estate Sale; Chair and Floor Lamp, Target Clearance (two years ago); Mustache, Party Store; Floral Headband, A Thought is the Blossom shop
Most everything here was thrifted or found at estate sales this past year! The desk was one of those folding tables you use to eat by the TV, the 'tablecloth' covering the desk is a vintage sheet, and of course you recognize my tiger rug! It's so soft that I couldn't resist using it in my desk area :)

I'm on the search for a new chair (with a back) that will be more comfy, but otherwise this is my little blog place for awhile. I like the girlie vintage vibe, and that I was able to create it out of things just lying around :)


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  1. This looks so pretty! I love what you did with all your found items. It'll be your creative getaway for sure:)


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