Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love the 90s Strikes Back

Oh, the 90s. I was in elementary and middle school during that decade, and it was good times :) I owned about 10 of those fuzzy feather pens, a million and one chokers from Afterthoughts, and about 20 journals full of my pre-teen angst and Hanson photos!

Picture Frame, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)

My middle school self just had to have this picture frame at Goodwill Outlet on Saturday! Stars, sparkles, and 90s goodness= perfection.

There's something comforting in being able to find pieces of the past in random bins for less than a dollar.


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  1. You had me at Hanson ! Good times in the 90s! The frame is a perfect representation of the decade :)

  2. Lol :) I definitely was in love with Zac! :)

  3. Isn't it scary that the frame and that style we grew up in is "in the past" now? It makes me feel "vintage!" Horrifying! I still love looking at that 90s style and remembering happier middle school days.


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