Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Benefits of Holiday Thrifting :)

Saturday was New Year's Day, but that didn't stop me (and about 15 other people) from heading to Goodwill Outlet when it opened at noon!

The biggest benefit to thrifting on a holiday? There's actually pretty good stuff left! Case in point- a vintage leather Coach backpack purse that was just waiting for me to grab it :)

Vintage Coach Backpack Purse, Goodwill Outlet ($2)
It was pretty cool to find this, since a couple months ago I spent hours searching for an affordable one on etsy! Of course, none of them were cheap enough for my thrifty taste :) I just couldn't justify spending $30 or $40 on something I might find for $2. Sometimes, being a cheapskate pays off!

The drawback to going thrifting on the holiday was that none of my other favorite thrifts were open. Oh well! At least I have this coming weekend :)


PS: Have any of you had a great find lately?? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I haven't ever focused on thrifting around the New Year because I've always been too busy, but I wonder if there's more stuff to be had this time of year because people got new stuff for Christmas?


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