Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Web Round-Up and Giveaway Reminder!

While I did get a couple of things from the estate sale we went to on Sunday, I never managed to photograph them! Whoops!

Time has just flown by this week, but I would like to share a couple of blogs I've been reading non-stop :)

1) I don't know how I never heard of the blog Thrift Core until this week, but trust me, it's awesome! We're talking thrifted finds, great organization tips, and DIY. It's a lovely, very well-designed blog that I just know you'll love, so check it out!

2) Another blog I've been reading the past week is I Heart Vintage. The blog's writer Kavita is based in the UK, and she takes the loveliest outfit and car boot finds photos! I've always found stories from 'across the pond' very interesting, and this blog is no exception :)

3) One of my very own readers has an awesome blog called The Lemon Tree! Alyssa shows us her thrift finds (some great ones!), her cute but mischievous pup, and her love of Pyrex :) Talk about my kind of girl! Check out her blog asap!

4) You have until tonight to enter the Another's Treasure vintage jewelry giveaway!!! I'm so excited to be able to share some of my finds with my fabulous readers- YOU! :)

Have a wonderful Friday- TGIF!!



  1. AW!Thanks so much for the kind words, Amanda!
    I am beyond flattered!


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