Monday, January 31, 2011

Treasure from the Goodwill Bins

I was pretty lucky this past Saturday at the Goodwill Outlet :) It seemed that the crazed shoppers managed to leave behind quite a few vintage treasures for me!

Marble Mushroom; Crystal Wine Stopper; Mini Golden Records; Girl Scout Wallet/Belt; Little Soldier; All: Goodwill Outlet (<$1 total)
I had quite a streak of finding old children's items! Of these, my favorites are the little golden records! I love how they look on my wall by my new 'desk' :)

Speaking of which, my wonderful hubby got me my Valentine's Day present early- a new chair for my desk!!! I am so excited about it! I'll definitely be showing you guys sometime this week, since I couldn't wait till the actual holiday to put it in place :)

I hope you have a great Monday!


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  1. Love the color of those golden records! Great idea to display them on your wall!


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