Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Thrifting Outfit: Blue like your Eyes

Sunday was a pretty day for browsing around an estate sale and relaxing with the hubby. It was a day that just called for a bright, happy, blue sweater. And I have just the thing!

Vintage Sunglasses, Good Samaritan; Sailboat Print Shirt, F21; Jeans and Sweater, Goodwill; Tassel Flats, Family Thrift; Bag, Target; Shell Necklace, Diversity Thrift
Whenever I wear this color blue or an olive green, my eyes change to that color. It's kind of cool, but I always forget about it until a stranger comes up to me and mentions that my eyes match my shirt/sweater/outfit.

Of course, I had to wear sunglasses in the bright sun on Sunday, so you can't see my mutant eyes for yourself... Maybe next time I bust out 'ol Blue!


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