Friday, February 25, 2011

My Thrifting Outfit: Variation on a Theme

Weekends are the only days I don't wear a uniform. Actually, I take that back. I kind of do wear a uniform of sorts on weekends, like this past long weekend. My tasseled flats and my Target purse got worn throughout- I just changed up my jeans and shirt combos and my other accessories.

Here's Monday's look: (And yes, I am that pale!)

Beret, Plato's Closet; Shirt, Burlington Coat Factory Clearance; Jeans and Necklace, Goodwill; Ray Bans, Goodwill in Pensacola; Flats, Family Thrift; Purse, Target; Sweater, F21
It's strange now to think that the weekend was so warm! The past couple days have been freezing, with rain and flurries. Oh, Richmond weather. I think I'll be more of a fan when it's actually spring and stays in the 60s for awhile. :)

I hope you have a great weekend! I have a super busy day of work ahead of me, but then it's the weekend. :) I'll show you Blythe's thrifted outfit of the week tomorrow!


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  1. You're rockin that beret! I don't think I could pull one of those off, but it looks great with short hair!


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