Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leaves of Gold

Since I pretty much came out empty-handed this past weekend, I've been digging around the apartment for finds I haven't shared yet. This golden leaf was a find from the last estate sale we went to- the same one we picked up the vintage Duncan yo-yos at!

Golden Leaf, Estate Sale ($3); Earrings, Simply Whispers ($7)
I'm using this pretty little leaf to hold my earrings! Hopefully soon I'll have more than just the couple pairs :)

When the lady at the estate sale rang me up, she mentioned that this leaf was something special- a certain brand or designer- which is why it was three bucks. I still thought it was a good deal for something so neat!

Have a great Wednesday!!!



  1. What a pretty dish:) I find myself compulsively buying random dishes while thrifting. I'd buy that one in a heart beat!

  2. Sweet dish! I always love how you repurpose objects to serve a new function.

    Oh, and I'm super happy that you received the bag and additional gift. For a second there, I thought it got lost in the snowpocalypse!!! I also figured it would be the perfect opportunity to play around with the wire you sent me!



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