Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Web Round-Up

I'm giving the hubby the day off from Guy Finds Friday so that I can share some fun things I've found/ been up to online this past week :)

  • First off, if you haven't already, check out the brand-new Another's Treasure Tumblr! I've been throwing random things up there the past couple days, including some unusual Christmas gift ideas :)
  • I've been loving the blog Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, featuring a really cool 20-something gal living in LA. She has great style!
  • How cool and holiday-chic are the velvet flats shown below from purevintageclothing on etsy? Love them!
  • Looking for a designer gift on the (sort-of) cheap? How about this cute Burberry bulldog coin holder!
  • I've been searching for a cute dark green bag just $10.48, this Target spruce-colored bag might be it :)
  • Speaking of Target, I got the most comfy moccasin slippers there the other day and I've been wearing them to work! (You can't really tell they're slippers 'cause they have real bottoms and they're suede!)
  • Finally, if you haven't checked out my awesome blogger of the month Myriam's blog Myriad of Mischief, head there now :)
Have a great Friday, and here's to hoping I have better thrifting luck this weekend!!


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  1. LOL about the slippers to work! But hey, if you can't tell, why not?? Have a great weekend!


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