Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: A Little Bit French

Although I've combined this striped sweater with mustard yellow before, this time it was sort of French feeling to me. Maybe it's the combo of stripes, a long scarf, and short hair!

And it was neither too hot nor too cold yesterday, so this comfy sweater was just right :)

Striped Sweater, Goodwill; Scarf, Target; Jeans, Goodwill; Moccasins, Target; Bag, Love of Jesus; Vintage Sunglasses, Good Samaritan; Airplane Necklace, DIY
Probably my favorite part of this outfit is the airplane necklace that you can't really see! I recently purchased a length of leather cord at JoAnn's so that I can make my own necklaces! Fun, right?

I also highly recommend getting the suede mocs they have at Target right now- they are so comfy and under $20 :)

Oh, and the hubby and I found some great things at Goodwill Outlet yesterday! I'll have those and the rest of Thursday's finds this week!



  1. Your hair is looking fab! I love how you've been styling it. It's seems very french too. And the necklace is cute. What a neat idea just add leather cord to different pendants.

  2. Thanks, Emily :) Yeah it's been exciting to play around with different ways to style short hair! I think I'll be growing it out to shoulder-length, since it just grows too fast :)

  3. I love this look with the stripes and the pop of colour - and your hair is adorable!


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