Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Leather + Exposed Zippers

While I came home mostly empty-handed from the thrifts on Saturday, the one find I had was pretty major!

Apparently, a stylish lady had just donated her purse collection to Love of Jesus Thrift right before I got there! There were some vintage Coach purses,  a Matt & Nat purse, and some Vera Bradley, but this beauty stood out:

Leather Backpack, Love of Jesus ($5)
It's such a well-made bag, with thick, quality leather and a tough vibe. The best part is that it's just the right size to carry as an everyday bag- not huge, but large enough to fit pretty much anything you might need.

I can't seem to find a brand anywhere on it though! Have you seen one similar?



  1. Hm, No I haven't seen any bags like that before. But I love how simple it is. You always find such amazing things. I've been looking for another bag recently. I found one with an amazing leather multi-color design at TJ Maxx of all places.

    Unfortunately, it's $250. Boo.

  2. Thanks, Megan :) Don't you hate when you find something great at a regular store and then it ends up being so expensive? That is frustrating! Is there a certain type of bag you're looking for, 'cause I can keep an eye out at the thrifts for you!


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