Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Treasure from the Goodwill Bin

I love it when I find wonderful vintage things stuffed in the corners of Goodwill Outlet bins :) It's especially nice when it's something you always keep an eye out for.

For me, that's non-metal jewlery, so I was really excited when I grabbed this handful of old necklaces!

Vintage Necklaces, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)
Tons of little seed beads, huh? Lets hope that these don't break! (Have you ever had one of these necklace chains break? Total nightmare!)

Speaking of necklaces, I've 'winterized' my favorite shell necklace, and I like it even better now :) I strung it with a leather chord instead of the silk one it used to be on. Love it!

Have a great Tuesday :)


PS: Did you notice the new photo to the left for my tumblr page? Yup, that's Piper, my new Blythe doll! I got her on eBay for a steal, and I love her! (Trust me, this is a big deal for a girl who generally wasn't ever a doll person :)) Do any of you have a Blythe doll?


  1. Eeeep!!! I am in love with Blythe dolls. I asked for one for christmas, but highly doubt I will get one. Zach thinks they're creepy and my parents think I'm too old for dolls. I'll have to keep an eye out on Ebay now for myself:)

  2. Lol Emily! Josh thinks they're creepy too! But I've wanted one for a long time, and just happened to find a deal on eBay! Definitely keep a lookout there :)

  3. I am well aware of broken bead strings and tangled necklaces that take hours and hours to unwind. But a great find makes up for it (usually.)

  4. I love these necklaces! Jewelry is becoming my new favorite thing to thrift. I have a drawer full in my bedroom, and whenever I see them in there all together I feel really proud of myself.

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