Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cute and Comfy Cardigan

This past week I had a couple days off of work and I went to a LOT of thrift stores. But by far the iffy-ist (Is this a word? If not, oh well...) and yet one of the most interesting to visit was Diversity Thrift.

Now, it is in a scary part of Richmond (at least to non-natives like me), and while the pictures on the Web site look very clean and organized, it was not. Like, at all.

But once I got past all of this and quickly sorted through the racks and racks of clothing, I found a perfectly soft, cute printed Old Navy cardigan. For $2.

Once I grabbed that and high-tailed it to the checkout counter, I was done with my (probably only) experience at Diversity Thrift.

I guess the lesson here is: You may find some great things for super cheap at not-so-nice thrift stores, but sometimes it isn't worth visiting iffy places more than once!

Have a good one! (As us Richmonders like to say...)

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