Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thrift-spiration: Beyonce's Style

Beyonce photo via:
Jacket, Love of Jesus Thrift ($1); Cumberbund/obi belt, Goodwill ($4)

I am an avid fashion magazine reader, and I have been for years. Although I'm not what I (or anyone!) would call a fashionista, I've always admired Beyonce's everyday style.

Not only is she a curvy, beautiful woman, but given this year's MTV VMA's, she seems like a really good person, too.

Anyway. (Man, I keep getting off track! It must be how easy it is to type on my new Goodwill Outlet USB-computer more scrunched hands!)

So lately, I keep seeing these pictures of her in larger-shouldered jackets. It totally works for her, and I wanted it to totally work for me. So this past weekend, at the Love of Jesus Thrift Store, I found a perfect grey blazer- brand new- for $1!

I think it has a very Beyonce-inspired look.
What do you all think?


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