Sunday, September 27, 2009

Treasure Hunted; Treasure Found!

So, as you all know, I went on a shopping (thrifting?) spree yesterday, searching for a couple things inspired by current trends and Forever 21. (A store with prices so reasonable, it really could be said to be one or two steps up from thrifting...)

Anyway, I was semi-successful in my search- I found more than half of what I was looking for!

I visited (aka: dragged the hubby to...) two Goodwills, a Salvation Army, and the Love of Jesus Thrift Store. (So have to do a post about this is simply awesome. No other words.)

Here are my finds:

From top left, clockwise:

1) Bangles, all: Love of Jesus Thrift Store ($1 total for all of them!)

2) Cumberbund (to use as belt, obi-style!): Goodwill ($4)

3) Plaid long sleeve shirt: Goodwill ($2)

4) Vintage-y pink plastic necklace: Salvation Army ($2)

Total for all Forever 21 thrift-spired items: $9! I'd call that success- wouldn't you? :) Have a great Sunday everyone!


PS: I got some other super-cool stuff, too! Be on the lookout the next couple days as I reveal my awesome finds and crazy, madcap thrift-ventures! (Too much? Probably. OK, adventures, then.)


  1. I would have bet 10 to 1 you would have found that Navajo print sweater....most goodwills and other type thrifts are crawling with those.

  2. I know!! And I'm still looking- I really want one!


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