Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wishbone Belt and Old-Man Suspenders!

Yesterday, my lovely husband and I took a mini-tour of the thrift stores in our town...2 of the Goodwills and 1 Salvation Army. (He doesn't love thrifting, but he's a good sport...and he usually finds something he wants, too!)I hit pay dirt at the first Goodwill- finding an awesome old eagle mirror ($3.25), a wishbone belt (as the hubby, rightly, dubbed it)($2), and old-man suspenders ($2)!

I had been looking for suspenders for quite a while- everyone keeps telling me to get some at Target, but for some reason, I always forget when I'm there. And these, though not skinny black ones as I've been looking for, definitely seem special to me. Who knows why!

I can just imagine them on some older gentleman, getting dressed up for a nice night out with his lovely wife of 50 years...

Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name's Amanda, and I am a lover of thrift stores, great deals, and writing. So here we are. I hope to keep up this blog and maybe be a pick-me-up in someones day, much as other blogs I read are to me :)
Until next time...
Love Always,

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