Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thrift-spiration: Forever 21

So, I am looking to the Forever 21 Web site for inspiration this weekend. I figure, 1: they always are up-to-date on current trends (which happen to be fairly vintage-inspired at the moment) and 2: if I don't find like items in my thrift search, I can afford to buy the real deal! Awesome. So, here's what I'm aiming to find this weekend:

Items, all

1) Crotchet-type scarf, the softer the better!
2) Cute, slightly Navajo-print short-sleeve sweater
3) Obi-style belt
4) Slightly fancy bangle (Plastic! I can wear it! Hate being allergic to metal.)
5) Vintagey sunnies (Sooo 70s, right? Love it!)
6) Slightly fancy teardrop necklace
7) Cool printed bag
8) Plaid button-down

I think I may have a shot at at least a couple of these! I'll let you know what I find :)


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