Friday, September 25, 2009

Yes, I Realize This Cardie is in Every Post.

Tonight, after work, I went out to dinner/ Goodwill shopping with the hubby. (I gave him two options: Goodwill or Forever 21. He picked Goodwill :))

On the way to Red Lobster, I realized that my whole outfit was thrifted! All in different thrifting expeditions! I'm going to stop using exclamation points now! OK, now.

Anyway. I got the quilted little blue clutch tonight at Goodwill, but the rest of the outfit got me from cheddar bay biscuits to handwipes at RL :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have to work tomorrow morning, but after that, I am def thrifting...

More tomorrow!


Outfit details: Yellow shirt, Salvation Army ($2); Cardie, Diversity Thrift ($2); Jeans, Goodwill ($6); Clutch, Goodwill ($1.25); Sandals, Goodwill ($4)

PS: Meet my hubby, Josh: Photographer/Slightly Resistant Thrift Buddy

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