Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Short Sleeves and Sunshine!

You can imagine how excited I was yesterday morning to wake up to sunshine and warmth! I find it so much easier to get dressed when I don't have to worry about being freezing all day :) This must be the Florida girl in me.

So, I dug in the depths of my closet for some warm-weather clothes and found this old short-sleeve sweater. I'm pretty sure I got it at Target about 3 or 4 years ago on clearance, but it worked perfectly with my newly-thrifted soft maroon Tshirt and thrifted yellow polka dot scarf!

Estate Sale Sunglasses; Thrifted Converse T; Target Sweater; Thrifted Scarf; Thrifted Jeans; Thrifted Lace-Up Sandals; Thrifted 80s Carpetbag Purse

I had okay luck thrifting. Nothing too exciting, but I did find a straw/ embroidered purse that will be great once I clean the lining. Oh, and I got a handmade quilt that reminds me of my late great-grandma for $4.99! So, that was pretty cool.

We stopped by Midlothian Antiques on the way out to the in-laws, and I found some little things there. What I wish I could've gotten? The vintage bike of my dreams! It was blue, with a sparkly blue seat. I took a picture, but I don't think it does it justice.

What have you found that you had to leave behind?



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit!!! That scarf is PERFECT!
    I left my current office desk behind for 3 weeks and then woke up in a panic one morning after determining that it was, in fact the perfect desk. I rushed back to Goodwill... AND IT WAS STILL THERE.... AND IT WAS MARKED DOWN!!!

  2. I've left behind an incredible mod orange couch. It was perfect if you like kitschy retro, like I do. When I drove by the thriftstore later on, I saw 4 college boys carrying it out. My heart broke, since I knew it's only fate would be beer stains and cracked peanut shells in the crevices.

    oh, cute purse!

  3. It's great to here your stories, too! Both of those scenarios have happened to me,and boy does it stink when that item is gone!


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