Saturday, March 20, 2010

What I'm Wanting: Wedges and Short Sleeves!

After the really long winter, I am so glad for warmer weather! It's finally time to break out the sandals and short-sleeve shirts :) So naturally, while I am thrifting today, I'll be on the lookout for both.

Against my usual flats-only nature, I am longing for some summery wedges. I feel like I'll be able to walk in them better than heels, and they'll add a little height to my 5'3" frame!

Wedge Sandals, From This Etsy Listing

Also on my list? Some great flat espadrilles! I've been looking at some on etsy, but hopefully I can find some for less than $25 :)

Wish me luck! More on my finds and my thrifting outfit tomorrow :) Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. I LOVE these shoes! Ive been hunting for a pair just like them!!


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