Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pack Your Carpetbag and Head Down to Disney!

I found this great carpetbag purse at Goodwill Outlet for $2! For some reason, I always seem to find carpetbag purses there. (Maybe I'm the only one who wants them? Most likely!)

And I couldn't resist the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt at G.O. either. For less than a dollar, I can put it on and pretend I'm Florida-bound right now :)

These are about the last of this past weekend's finds, as I'm trying to sell what I have for etsy and slow down on buying things for myself! From now on, I am only going to buy things that pull on my heartstrings...

Have a lovely Wednesday!


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  1. ooh the carpet bag is so pretty! i've been looking for one myself but i haven't found the right one yet.. this one has a perfect vintage feel to it. Lucky you :)


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