Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Surprise, Surprise

So you know how I said I was going to wear a skirt yesterday? Well, it was cold! And, on top of that, I decided maybe I'm just not meant to be a skirt/dress person. I'm just way more comfortable in jeans!

Sunglasses, Estate Sale; Shirt, Goodwill Outlet; Sweater, etsy; Jeans, Goodwill Outlet; Stone Mountain Bag, Goodwill Outlet; Loafers, Family Thrift

Anyway, I started out yesterday at a pretty awesome estate sale, where I found some Ferragamo wedges in my size! And the perfect oxford flat...yes, flat. I dug around everywhere and couldn't find the other one! So, that kind of stunk. Then I made the rounds of my usual thrifts and didn't find overalls, but I did find some other treasures, which I'll be showing you this week!

I'm off to see my good pal Lindsey from college today :) We'll be checking out a thrift store in Fredericksburg, so I'll let you know how it goes!



  1. I like your style, actually. It's down to earth, and something I feel like I can put together too.

  2. Thanks so much, Sam! To this laid-back girl, it really means a lot!

  3. LOL sorry you only found one flat, I've never had that happen but I could only imagine the fit I'd throw. I like that you wear pants & jeans too, I was freezing on Saturday because I had on a dress. I love the way you make your photos look old, that is very cool! Can't wait to see your 10 things post and your shopping finds :) :)

    ~ megan


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