Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Pretty Quilt for Cheap!

When I'm looking around at antique stores, it seems like I always see handmade quilts. I love them, since they remind me of my late great-grandma who made each of us grandkids a quilt when we were kids. However, the ones at the antique stores are usually about $100!

Of course, when I saw this perfect quilt at Good Samaritan on Saturday for $4.99, I had to get it :)

With all the great old squares of material and it's medium weight, it's just the perfect quilt! I couldn't believe it was less than $5 :)

Have you ever thrifted something that reminded you of a loved one?



  1. Oh yes, I found a wonderful crochet afghan at the thrift and it reminded me of my Grandma Ethel and her crochet...it was about $6 but worth it to save someone's hard work. Love that quilt, I don't see handmade quilts at the thrift or if I do not for such a great price. Glad you gave it a new home.

  2. Don't you love finding something that so much time and effort and love went in to? :) Thanks for the story, Linda! :)

  3. Lovely quilt! I don't think I've been to Good Samaritan yet....xx


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