Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Obsession: Vintage Keychains

A month or two ago, I found an old binoculars keychain for $1 at Midlothian Antiques and didn't think much about it. But once I found and restored my 80s Chambray Capezio bag, I was searching all over for it! Something about a light denim bag just begs for some cool old keychains.

This past weekend, I found another great keychain to add: a wooden old sailor man named Skipper. He was a mere 25 cents at the new antique store we went to!

Of course, now I want a couple more quirky keychains! I've been searching on etsy, and there are a couple contenders. I'm kind of hoping I can find some this weekend at the thrifts, though!

I'm thinking the Goodwill Outlet bins will be perfect for this search. Here's to hoping the crazies won't be there this Saturday!
Have a great Thursday :)



  1. neat! vintage keychains are fun to discover in random places.

  2. Agreed :) I can't wait to find a couple more for my little collection!


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