Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Fondue?

Ah, there were so many different funny (and slightly, um, naughty) titles I could use for this post! Fondue just begs for a funny title :)

Anyway, what's the reason a non-chef like me is doing a post about fondue? Number one, I love it! Number two, I found an awesome fondue cookbook from 1968 at Goodwill Outlet on Saturday :)

Even the cover is retro and pretty cool on it's own! I was so happy when I found this for 50 cents, and the hubby was excited too, since he's the chef in our little family :)

I thought I'd share the recipe for what sounds like a yummy and fairly easy fondue:


4 oz. grated Gruyere or Cheshire cheese, fresh
6 eggs
1 garlic clove
2 oz. butter
Salt, paprika, cheyenne, parsley to taste

Rub the bottom and sides of a chafing dish with a peeled Garlic Clove. Beat the eggs well and heat on a low flame. Add the butter and cheese. Stir constantly until the cheese has melted and the mixture is thick and smooth. Add the seasonings and blend in well. Sprinkle a chopped parsley sprig on the top for color.

From: The Fondue Cookbook by Ed Callahan

I hope you all have a great Thursday! Enjoy some yummy fondue for me!



  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I love love love retro cookbooks, the illustrations are the best.

  2. Love that cookbook! Fondue can be so much fun!

  3. True! And boy do I love fondue :) So good!


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