Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: The Grandma Sweater of My Dreams

Yesterday morning, I thrifted a couple new pairs of jeans, a really neat paper necklace, and the perfect Grandma sweater! I mean, it has houses on it :) And the buttons? Little houses! I was so excited that when I got home, I threw it in the washer so I could wear it the rest of the day. I dragged the hubby out to photograph it before we left for his mom's birthday party.

Thrifted 80s Hair Bow, Thrifted Sunglasses, eBay Vintage Colorado T, Thrifted Houses Sweater, Thrifted Levi's Jeans, Thrifted Loafers, Chambray Capezio Bag from Estate Sale

So, yeah. It was a good day :) I also found some great Sam and Libby bow flats in size 7.5- they're up in the etsy shop if you wear a 7 as they run small. Oh, and I also got a Furby. Yup, that Furby... I kind of forgot how annoying they are, but also pretty quirky-cute!
Have a great Sunday!



  1. Cute pictures! I need to hit the thriftstores some time soon!

  2. Thanks, Emily! I love when I can talk my husband into taking them!

  3. Oh, gosh, I totally remember having a Furby! Yeah, certainly less amusing than I expected and a whole lot more annoying. Still - finding one now would be a great throwback. I'd probably take the batteries out, though. ;)

  4. Lol, Alya! Yeah, I found it at Goodwill Outlet, so it was about $1, and I couldn't believe it when it worked! But it actually 'sleeps' pretty much until you shake it, which is quite hilarious. The hubby isn't a fan!


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