Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where Can I Find That? ((Big Mustard))

It's finally time again to pull out my vintage sweater collection! This cooler weather is just like heaven after the summer we had here in Richmond.

If you're newer to the blog, you might not have met the beauty of a sweater I thrifted last fall. I lovingly call it "Big Mustard." Here's one of the ways I wore it last year, and a similar sweater from the Clever Nettle etsy shop:

Vintage 1980's Oversize Fawn Sweater, Available at the Clever Nettle etsy Shop
While a little less mustard-y, Clever Nettle's sweater is almost exactly the same! So if you've ever wanted a Big Mustard of your very own, be sure to grab this one while it's available :)

I'm off to the thrift stores... here's to hoping I find some awesome vintage things to sell! I can always use some extra cash :) Speaking of which, I listed some new goodies in the Another's Treasure etsy shop- check them out!



  1. Good luck with all that thrifting!! I'm going this afternoon and hope to find a cute vintage trench coat.

  2. I love ' Big Mustard'! I'm instantly drawn to anything in a mustard color.

  3. Thanks, Emily!

    Me too, Myriam! I love mustard color- even though I don't like to eat mustard!


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