Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Book Bank

The estate sales we've had here in Richmond recently have been amazing :) I'm always so surprised to find great things at even better prices!

Sunday's estate sale was no exception, but because we went straight to my in-laws from there I didn't take photos of my goodies. With it being dark when I get home from work, it's been too hard to get proper photos, so here's a so-so indoor pic of my favorite find:

Vintage Leather and Metal Book Bank, Estate Sale ($4)
The front says 'Frigidaire' and the top has a slot for coins and cash. The lock on the bottom didn't come with a key, but according to an episode of Pawn Stars, maybe the bank had the key! (Did anyone else see that one?)

It's just so neat for a book-lover who works at a financial institution. (Me!)

Have a good one :)


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  1. That's a cool piggy bank! I've never seen one like that!


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