Monday, October 25, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: The Sun is Shining, Every Cloud's Got a Silver Lining

The title of this post is from a favorite song: 'Ugly Day' by Five Iron Frenzy. My hubby introduced it to me when we were young and apart, since it talks about even a sunny day being ugly without the one you love.

Anyway, here's yesterday's thrifting/antique shopping outfit:

Floral Rayon Shirt, Goodwill; Military-Inspired Jacket, Goodwill; Bell Bottoms, Goodwill; Minnetonka Sandals, Goodwill Outlet; Green Bag, Goodwill Outlet; Bangle, Goodwill Outlet (100% Thrifted!)
I picked up the awesome military-esque jacket at my first stop: a Goodwill I usually don't go to. This baby was a mere $3.50, so it was worth the stop! Unfortunately, the army green bag I got at Goodwill Outlet yesterday wasn't as great a deal. The zipper broke right off after one use!

As for the change in scenery for this photo, I stopped in an office parking lot and took this one picture since I didn't take one before I left the apartment. I like how it turned out- not too bad for a little tripod balanced on my car!

Have a great Monday :)



  1. I love your jacket! I can't believe it was less than five bucks!

  2. Thanks! I was so excited to find it too :)


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