Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's Your Tribe?

Recently, I decided to Google "thrifting" to see what else was out there on the topic, and I found this Web site called

I may be the last on the boat here, but I'd never heard about it. Apparently, you can type in what you're interested in and you are connected with like people. Your own "tribe." A cool concept.

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So, the tribe that came up in my results was the Thrifting Tribe. My favorite thread on the page is "Best Find Ever" which is pretty self-explanatory. It's amazing the treasures people have found in thrift stores!

The whole thing made me think- what has been my best find ever? I've gotten brand-new Isaac Mizrahi for Target stuff, brand-new in the plastic $25 tights for $1, my recent Beyonce-inspired grey jacket for $1... The list goes on. I think that just about everything I've gotten from thrift stores has been special and awesome to me at the time, and that's what it's all about for me.

To continually find quirky and interesting things for next-to-nothing is the reason I thrift. That and it's cheaper than shopping at regular stores!


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