Sunday, April 18, 2010

Etsy Springtime Favorites Weekend: Day Two

Since I'm out of town this weekend, I'm scheduling today's and tomorrow's posts to post in my absence :)

Remember the recent Rodarte for Target collection? I wasn't too impressed when I saw it in the stores, but on some of my favorite bloggers the pieces are amazing! I overlooked it at first because it seemed to be all dresses, and I somehow missed the awesome lace cardigans. Darn. Now, they are about $60 on thanks. However, I did find a similar one on etsy:

On the hanger, these look like nothing too special, but as a sweet, lightweight spring layer, they are perfect! Now, if only I can find one at a thrift store for $5 or less... Wish me luck!

I hope everyone had a great weekend- I'll have an update on mine and plenty of photos this week :)



  1. You're probably aware of this already, but whenever Target is done selling what they can of their collections they always turn the rest over to the local Goodwill. The one near me has a ridiculous amount of the Rodarte collaboration...I don't recall seeing the cardigans, but I'm gonna pop in there again and if I do perhaps I can send one your way...

  2. Thanks, Alya! Yeah, the only Rodarte things I've seen at ours are size 0 skirts, which do me no good!

  3. I will be on the lookout too, gives me a reason to pop in to the Goodwill :)


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